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Pass The California State Exam

75 California Real Estate Exam Questions (2021)

License Solution is so confident that you will pass the California state exam on your first attempt that we offer a pass guarantee. Pass the state exam on your first try, or we will pay the states testing fee of $60 until you do pass! Weve got your back!

Our robust California Exam-Prep Course will help you prepare to sit for the state exam by utilizing two methods of study: A random mode provides questions and answers with detailed explanations that will help refresh your real estate knowledge and a simulated mode closely resembles the actual state exam which will build your test-taking skills and your confidence.


Find A Sponsoring Brokerage

At this point it’s important to note that in order to legally practice real estate in California, you’ll need to work under a supervising broker. Brokers are typically real estate companies who make sure that you are adhering to both legal and ethical standards in all interactions with clients and are responsible for supervising their sales staff.

In addition to searching online for a broker with a great training program, our students are also introduced to brokers in their area for career placement. Because brokerages usually pay their agents exclusively in commissions, they’re often willing to welcome new people into the fold because they can do so at no direct cost. This means thereâs always room for a new agent.

When trying to find a brokerage to partner with, just be sure to find one that you’re both comfortable with and that will offer you the type of on-the-job training you need to really make the most out of your career.

Ca Real Estate Exam Practice Test

Do you want to be a real estate agent? Try this CA real estate exam practice test and check your knowledge regarding the same. Real estate agents aim to help people who are looking to buy a house at a specific place. With that CA Real Estate Exam around the corner, the practice test below is designed to help you see how ready you are for the California real estate salesperson. So, give it a shot, and let’s see how much you can score. Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Legally and technically, a property is defined as:
  • A.& nbsp

    That which is capable of involuntary transfer

  • B.& nbsp

    Things with buyers or sellers

  • C.& nbsp

    Rights or interests which a person has in a thing owned

  • D.& nbsp

    Only personal property

  • 2. A seller is required to deliver the Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety to the buyer of any one-to-four-unit residential properties built prior to:
  • Gross leases are most often used with:
  • 4. When a tenant voluntarily moves out of his apartment with the intention to never return, it would be described as:
  • Adverse possession

  • 5. Broker Jones represented a young man in the sale of his home. Broker Jones did not consider the age of the young man when he listed and sold the home. After the grant deed had been signed and delivered into escrow, the title company discovered the young man who signed the deed was not yet 18 years old and was not emancipated. The grant deed would be:
  • Who signs the promissory note and mortgage?
  • D.& nbsp

    None of the above

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    What Is Online Test Prep For A Real Estate License

    Online test prep for a real estate license is a review course in preparation for the real estate license test. Every state requires some kind of pre-licensing education to get your real estate license. Online real estate schools may also offer online test prep services, which are different than classes for pre-licensing hours.

    Test prep is typically voluntary and an additional charge on top of the pre-licensing course. Some real estate schools offer more personalized approaches to test prep by having you go through the course with an instructor. Test prep courses are usually much shorter than pre-licensing courses because they focus on reviewing the material to pass the test.

    Complete Your Real Estate License Application

    California Real Estate License Exam: Best Test Prep Book to Help You ...

    Once you have passed the exam, you will need to complete and submit the Salesperson license application along with providing the applicable fees.

    As part of a background check, you will be required to be fingerprinted through a live scan fingerprint service provider in the state of California, which will typically cost anywhere between $70 and $80. ADHI Schools offers this Livescan service.

    Official transcripts for the completed courses are sufficient as evidence that youâve completed the required real estate education courses. If you take the coursework through ADHI Schools our certificates will work just fine!

    Out-of-state applicants have a few additional steps in applying for a license. Out-of-state persons must submit a notarized Consent of Service Process form along with their original application.

    Once you have completed the application, the Bureau of Real Estate will review your application for approval.

    Once your license has been approved, a copy will be provided to your sponsoring real estate broker. If you do not currently have a sponsoring broker, you will be mailed a copy of the salesperson license with a non-working status.

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    Acceptable Forms Of Identification

    To be admitted into an examination, you must show a valid form of photo identification issued within the past 5 years. Only the following forms of photo identification will be accepted:

    • Current state-issued driver’s license or DMV identification card
    • U.S. Passport or Passport issued by a foreign government
    • U.S. Military identification card

    You will not be admitted into the examination without a valid form of photo identification as listed above.

    Getting Your Real Estate License

    Your real estate license will be issued to you by the DRE when your exam is passed, fingerprints are on file, and the application is processed. Once your application has been approved you will be issued a real estate license. Congratulations!

    Salespersons must associate their new license with a brokerage and be supervised by a California licensed real estate broker. Work with your new employer to finalize this step. Afterwards, you will be an officially licensed California real estate agent!

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    What Is The Difference Between A Real Estate Salesperson And A Broker In California

    A âsalespersonâ is an entry-level real estate person. âReal estate salespersonâ is the legal term in California for a person that works as a real estate agent under the supervision of a âreal estate brokerâ as part of a brokerage. A âreal estate brokerâ is a person who operates a brokerage. A broker has years of real estate experience and has been trained and licensed to operate an independent business.

    What Are The California Real Estate Broker License Requirements

    California Real Estate license Exam Questions Test Prep 2023

    For starters, you need to meet the following basic California real estate broker license requirements. You must be:

    • 18 years old or older
    • A California resident
    • Honest and truthful

    In addition, you must be either an experienced real estate agent or have related experience or education. The State of California requires broker applicants must:

    • Have worked at least two years as a full-time, licensed agent
    • OR have two years of unlicensed equivalent experience
    • OR have a four-year degree in real estate

    Please note that an applicant who has not been active as a licensed real estate agent may be eligible for the broker exam, provided they have met the experience requirements.

    Lets explore the four steps, and then well answer frequently asked questions about becoming a licensed real estate broker in the State of California.

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    Starting A Career As A California Real Estate Agent Has Never Been Easier

    • AceableAgent takes convenience to a new level with a learning platform thatâs built for mobile devices. Courses and practice tests can be reviewed from a smartphone, tablet or laptop anytime, anywhere.

      But our revolutionary mobile courses arenât the only upside. We provide all the support you need to start a new career. Rest easy knowing that all of our courses are state-approved and the information is up-to-date. The California Real Estate Career Center gives students a better idea of how to hit the ground running and get on the fast track to success. And our blog will also keep you in the know about the latest real estate trends in California.

    What Courses Do I Need To Take To Get A Real Estate License In California

    Getting a salesperson license requires 135 total hours of âpre-license trainingâ courses before applying for a license. These courses are required by law. Pre-license courses will teach you about California real estate law, ethics, agency, and other real estate practices. A broker license requires 8 45-hour college level courses. Most in-state licensed agents will have already completed 3 of these courses as part of their salesperson license training.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get A Ca Real Estate License

    Youâll need to spend some money on required coursework. With ADHI Schools, we have packages that can range from $150 up to $499. Youâll then have to take the state exam and get your license. You should budget about $550-$1,000 depending on whether you do the classes with an instructor or self study for coursework, license fees and criminal background.

    Submit Your Real Estate License Application

    2020 California Real Estate Exam Prep Questions &  Answers : Study Guide ...

    After your real estate pre-license training is completed, your will need to submit your real estate license and exam application:

    We recommend that you use the DRE’s eLicensing system to submit your paperwork. You will get a faster response and it will be easier to correct any mistakes. The system guides users through the license application process and scheduling of exams. It includes the ability to upload required documents and pay the required fees. Submitting applications online will allow users to check the status of their application and to receive email notifications when there are updates.

    The cost to submit an application is $245 and the exam fee is $60.

    If you have already submitted a license application and need to retake an exam, instead submit Form RE 400A – Salesperson Examination Application.

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    What Kind Of Information Will I Learn To Help Me Get A Real Estate License In California

    Per Real Estate Express policy, the 135-hour pre-license coursework for salespersons must be completed within six months of the start date. The start date for distance education courses is the date the course material is first accessed and the end date is when all required documentation is submitted to the provider. The required courses within the 135 hours include:

    • Real Estate Principles
    • Real Estate Practices
    • One course from the following list:
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    • Real Estate Office Administration
    • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
    • Computer Applications in Real Estate
    • Common Interest Developments

    Note: If you are a member of the California State Bar, you are exempt from the college-level course requirements. Evidence of admission to practice Law in California must be furnished, such as a photocopy of both sides of a California State Bar membership card.VIEW COURSES AND PACKAGES

    Our California Real Estate School Allows You To Study For Your License Online At Any Time

    There is no need to attend classes or take exams at a physical location other than right in your own home or office. Each of our California real estate license online courses are available in PDF form which can be viewed online, downloaded for offline use or printed should you want a hard copy. Our education has no restrictions in the method in which you wish to study.In fact, our Ultimate real estate package includes text books for those students who feel more comfortable studying their real estate courses the traditional way.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get A California Real Estate License

    It takes an average of four months to obtain your California real estate license. But, many people take far less or far more time to get their California real estate license. You can obtain a license in just a few weeks. Or, you can take your time and earn your license over the course of a year.

    The amount of time it takes to obtain a license depends on the type of pre-license coursework a potential licensee decides to take and their pace to complete the courses.

    An individual completes courses at their own pace when completing their real estate school online. Online courses are helpful if an individual wants to complete their studies faster or if they need to take additional time on their coursework.

    In a classroom setting, an individual must follow along at the pace of the class. This option is suitable for individuals who want to connect with classmates and are more motivated in a classroom setting.

    Pass The California Real Estate Salesperson Exam

    25 Questions You Will See on the Real Estate Exam 2022

    Once you feel confident enough to pass your final exam, apply to take the California real estate salesperson exam.

    First, complete an application. After your application is processed, check your exam date on the eLicensing online system.

    The minimum passing score is 70%, which means you must correctly answer 105 out of 150 questions.

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    What To Expect On The California Real Estate Salesperson Exam

    After scheduling an exam day at one of the five state exam centers itâs time to get serious about studying. The California real estate salesperson exam includes all the information you covered in the three 45-courses you took with Aceable. Plus, you can use the practice tests to do a trial run of the exam.

    Is Getting My California Real Estate Broker License Worth It

    There certainly may be a financial benefit to earning your California real estate broker license.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly income of a real estate broker in California is about $17,000 higher than that of a real estate agent. This additional income typically comes from having real estate agents work under you and collecting desk fees and a share of their commissions.

    However, that additional income comes with additional business expenses and responsibilities. As a real estate broker in California, youre responsible for operating a business thatll support your staff. If you open your own brokerage, youll need to pay for rent and utilities as well as the training of your agents.

    There are certainly pros and cons of upgrading your license. You have to decide whether increasing your responsibilities and expenses is worth the additional income.

    Learn more about a brokers income and expenses by reading Real Estate Broker vs Agent: A Head-to-Head Analysis.

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    Starting Your Real Estate Career

    Beginning your journey into a real estate career can be an exciting experience. Realtors are independent entrepreneurs who have an incredible opportunity to achieve success. Not only are they their own boss, they also choose their own hours and determine how successful they want to become.Your dream of buying and selling real estate is as close as investing in one of our educational packages. License Solution, Inc. helps you learn the material quickly and pass the exams.

    Crec California Department Of Real Estate

    California Real Estate Exam Prep

    Mailing Address:

    California Department of Real Estate1651 Exposition Boulevard


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    Starting Out: California Real Estate Salesperson License

    If you are new to the industry and want to work as a real estate agent in California, you need a California real estate salesperson license. This allows you to conduct real estate transactions inside the state of California under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker.

    All applicants for a real estate salesperson license must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Have a history of honesty and truth.

    See the DRE License Application Handbook for details on education requirements, applications, and testing.

    You do not need to have secured employment when you apply for your real estate license. However, you must be supervised by a licensed broker to actually work as a real estate agent in California. If you want to establish your own independent real estate business, you need a real estate broker license and several years of industry experience.

    How To Get A California Real Estate License In 6 Steps

    If you’v’e dreamed of a real estate career and are interested in earning your real estate license, you may be wondering exactly what you need to do in order to pursue your dream. One of the first steps if you want to sell or lease real estate in the state of California is to obtain your California Real Estate Salesperson license.

    Here’s what you need to know about the process to ensure your success.


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    California Real Estate Broker License Costs


    Step 4: Pass a Background Check

    Becoming a California real estate broker shouldnt be as intimidating of a process as becoming a real estate agent. After all, you have experience in the industry and know others who have taken this leap in their careers. Heres a breakdown of each step in the process.

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