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Obtaining Financial Aid For Boces Lpn Programs

Kaplan LPN Entrance Exam

As with most higher education programs, attending a BOCES LPN program in New York State requires a substantial tuition fee. Fortunately, most students qualify for financial aid through the federal government. The most common financial aid options include:

PELL Grants are issued by the federal government and are awarded to students based on financial need. This money is designed specifically to be used for tuition and living expenses while obtaining a degree or BOCES LPN certification and doesn’t have to be paid back.

A Stafford Loan is also issued by the federal government and is designed to pay for tuition and living expenses. However, unlike PELL Grants, students must begin paying back the money they borrowed within a certain timeframe after graduating or completing their educational program. Stafford Loans generally have much lower interest rates than student loans offered by private banks and credit institutions.

Teas Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the TEAS exam? Yes, all applicants must take a pre-entrance exam in order to be considered for acceptance. If you have already taken the TEAS exam, we require an official transcript of the results sent directly from ATI. Request transcripts from ATI by calling 1-800-667-7531.How can I best prepare for taking the TEAS? Visit ATI offers review products: a study manual and an online assessment. The following are also helpful links:

Psb Health Occupations Aptitude Exam

Schools use the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam to assess students pursuing training in healthcare, including nurses. This exam is commonly used for RNs who plan to enroll in an ADN or BSN program.

The exam evaluates prerequisite knowledge in reading comprehension, spelling, and the natural sciences. It also assesses test-takers’ academic aptitude in math, verbal, and nonverbal areas.

The PSB HOAE exam also includes a vocational adjustment index. This evaluates test-takers’ behavioral traits and personality characteristics to determine their likelihood for success in the profession. Candidates pay $25-60 to sit for the PSB HOAE nursing school exam. Learners can take advantage of iPrep’s free practice materials and affordable online course to put their best foot forward on the PSB HOAE.

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Application Process & Checklist

Our LPN application process has multiple parts.

  • First, you must take an initial KNAT placement test . Remediation help is available if needed at no cost post-exam. Another payment of $50 is needed in order to retake the test.

  • Second, you should obtain your professional references.

  • Third, order your official high school transcripts or GED.

  • Fourth, attend a scheduled interview with the Nursing Coordinator.

Details about Professional References

  • Two professional references must be submitted on on the schools reference form.

  • At least one should be work related from a direct supervisor. It should be within the last two years and cover at least a years acquaintance.

  • The second should be from another coworker or a community member who can speak to your ability to critically think and function in a trustworthy manner.

  • If you have not worked in the past two years then three community references can be submitted.

  • References cannot be relatives.

All references should be mailed, faxed or emailed per the instructions on the reference sheet.

Details About Official Transcript

Details About Interview Process with Nursing Coordinator

Additional note:

Criminal Records – If you have history of a felony, misdemeanor, have ever been dismissed for patient abuse or are a registered sex offender, you should be aware that you may have difficulty in obtaining clinical site clearance. It may also require a Morals Hearing before being granted licensure by the New York State Office of Professions.

Boces Lpn Entrance Exam Study Guide

· LPN Entrance Exam Practice Test. If you want to pass the LPN entrance exam you will of course have to prepare for the test. There are a number of tips that you could follow if you want make sure that you are adequately prepared for this LPN examination. There are also a number of options and websites open to you.

  • BOCES LPN Program |

    lpn entrance exam study guide provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, lpn entrance exam study guide will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many …

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    Your Guide To Nursing Entrance Exams

    Are you getting ready to take your nursing entrance exam? Read on for all of the essential information you need to prepare for the most commonly used nursing school exams.

    Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

    If you are applying to nursing school, you may be required to take a nursing school entrance exam.

    These exams determine your likelihood for success in a nursing program. Schools use them to assess your knowledge in different academic- and healthcare-related areas. Questions on these exams also test your comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills.

    The type of exam you take depends on the program you are applying to and the degree you want to earn. In this guide, we introduce some of the common nursing entrance exams you might come across. If you want to know more about the testing and application process for a specific nursing program, it is a good idea to contact your nursing school of choice.

    National League For Nursing Pre

    The PAX exam is one of the most commonly used nursing school entrance exams. It is intended for RNs and LPNs pursuing a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

    The PAX assesses verbal abilities, mathematical skills, and understanding of scientific topics. It includes 160 multiple choice questions covering three subject areas:

    • 60 questions in reading comprehension and word knowledge
    • 40 math questions
    • 60 science questions

    Test-takers have two hours and five minutes to complete the entire exam.

    Many companies, such as Mometrix, offer free practice questions and study guides for students taking this test.

    You can register for and take the PAX through the schools you apply to. Exam fees typically cost $60-$100.

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    Boces Lpn Entrance Exam

    Step 5: Mandatory Orientation and Registration All students are required to attend an Orientation and Registration session. Students will be notified via mail of their scheduled date and time.

  • LPN Registration

    You may only take this test once each semester for a total of two. Most students find that the Prep Class helps them prepare for the rigorous TEAS, gain self-confidence, and solidify their interest in pursuing the academic work necessary to succeed in these programs. For upcoming Prep Class dates and testing dates, click here. A review of basic concepts and theories in each area is recommended. For those interested, both can be purchased online. ATI offers a discount when both are purchased together. Register online or call x What is the format of the TEAS? School-provided calculators are allowed during the TEAS.

  • + ColumnIndex +

    How long will it take for me to get my TEAS scores? When you take the TEAS exam at Northport, you will be notified of your status by mail in about 3 or 4 weeks. Many schools set a passing standard based on TEAS performance. Your TEAS results can be sent to any nursing school. You can request that ATI electronically transmit your results to a school for a small fee.

  • Test Of Essential Academic Skills Exam

    How to register for ADN & LPN Pre-admission exams

    The Test of Essential Academic Skills exam is now being administered remotely Mondays at 11 a.m. and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Please contact Adult Health Careers & Services at 518-862-4709 with questions about this years exam.

    When preparing for a course in practical nursing, interested students need to pass a pre-entrance exam. Capital Region BOCES uses the Assessment Technologies Institute Test of Academic Skills, known as TEAS.

    The objectives assessed on the TEAS exam are those which nurse educators deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry-level skills and abilities of nursing program applicants.

    The exam features 170 multiple choice questions, each with a certain amount of time allotted. Students should allow four hours to complete the test.

    Composite scores, as well as several sub-scores, are computed in each of four content areas to assess specific content comprehension:

    • Reading Paragraph/Passage Comprehension Read a given text and answer related questions) and Informational Source Comprehension. Questions will relate to a graphic or statement provided.
    • Mathematics Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Data Interpretation, Algebraic Applications. Calculators may not be used for the test.
    • Science Scientific Reasoning, Human Body Science, Life Science, Earth and Physical Science.
    • English and Language Usage Grammar and Word Meanings, Spelling and Punctuation, and Sentence Structure.

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    Follow These Steps To Enroll In The Practical Nursing Program:

    These steps do not have to be completed in any particular order. However, all steps must be completed prior to the August 15, 2022 deadline to be considered.

    • Submit your completed CA BOCES Practical Nursing Application to the Practical Nursing Office, 1825 Windfall Road, Olean, NY 14760 Application opens PDF file
    • Arrange to have an official High School transcript or High School Equivalency Transcript of GED®/TASC Test Scores sent directly to the Practical Nursing Office, 1825 Windfall Road, Olean, NY 14760
    • Submit a physical exam with required immunizations to the Practical Nursing Office, 1825 Windfall Road, Olean, NY 14760 opens in a new windowPhysical Exam and Immunization Formopens PDF file
    • Take and pass the ATI TEAS . The TEAS exam consists of four sections:
    • Reading: paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions
    • Math: whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions, decimals, algebraic equations, percentages and ratio/proportion
    • Science: science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, basic physical principles and general science
    • English and Language Usage: punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words and spelling

    Link for test: Select ATI Remote Proctor- Nursing and select a date range that works for you. . When choosing a time please note times are Central Standard Time.

    Psb Aptitude For Practical Nursing Exam

    PSB nursing entrance exams are intended for candidates pursuing a healthcare program. This includes LPNs who wish to enroll in practical and vocational nursing programs. The test evaluates the skills, knowledge, and abilities a student has developed over time. This assessment focuses less on psychological or abstract personality traits. However, it does include a vocational adjustment index that examines test-takers’ behavioral traits.

    The four remaining sections in the 360-question, 105-minute PSB nursing school exam assess academic aptitude in vocabulary, math, nonverbal comprehension, spelling, natural sciences, and judgement and comprehension in practical nursing situations. There is no reading comprehension section.

    Preparation materials for the PSB nursing school entrance exam include the Mometrix Secrets Study Guide and the Ascencia PSB Practice Nursing Exam Study Guide. Applicants can expect to pay a $25 exam fee.

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    How Do I Enter A Boces Lpn Program

    Because of the demand for LPN jobs in New York State, the BOCES LPN programs are popular and often have competitive admission requirements.

    Although each district has its own separate admission process, most of the programs have the same standards for eligibility. These standards require that you:

    • Complete a Nurse Entrance Exam

    This exam assesses your mathematics and verbal skills, including vocabulary and reading comprehension. Prep courses are available in many districts to help you prepare for this exam.

    • Possess a High School or GED Diploma

    In order to be considered for a BOCES LPN program in New York State, you must submit proof of your high school or GED diploma.

    • Be at Least 18 Years Old

    The BOCES LPN programs require that you be at least 18 years old, although some programs accept applications from students who are 17 years old.

    • Complete an Interview Process

    Similar to a job interview, the BOCES LPN interview process consists of several questions designed to help program administrators determine if youre a good candidate for becoming a healthcare professional in New York State.

    • Pass a Physical, Medical, and Background Screening

    You must pass a physical, medical, and background screening, which includes immunizations, blood work, and a criminal background check.

    • Received CPR Certification

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    Completing The Boces Lpn Coursework

    Depending on the type of course you signed up for, your program may take between one year and two years to complete. As an LPN student in the New York State BOCES program, you will be expected to achieve and maintain high standards of academic progress for things like:

    Learning to become an effective LPN requires hundreds of hours of hands-on training. Attendance and punctuality are mandatory in BOCES LPN programs and often factor into your grade.

    As an LPN student, you will receive regular feedback concerning your grades and overall progress in the programs curriculum.

    • Personal Conduct

    In the workforce, LPNs are expected to maintain high levels of professionalism at all times. Standards of personal conduct and behavior are noted in the handbooks of BOCES LPN programs and are strictly enforced.

    If you meet all the programs requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion from your BOCES facility. Once youve received your certification, youre free to take the New York State NCLEX-PN exam to obtain your nursing license.

    The #1 Exam For Business School

    GMAT by the Numbers

    The GMAT exam helps business school candidates stand out during the admissions process.

    Schools know that candidates who take the GMAT exam are serious about earning a graduate business degree. They also know it’s a proven predictor of a student’s ability to succeed.

    9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments are made using a GMAT score.

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    Health Education Systems Inc Admissions Assessment

    The HESI A2 nursing school entrance exam is primarily used for prospective RNs and LPNs. The test has nine sections, including grammar, biology, chemistry, reading comprehension, and math. Questions draw on high school-level knowledge, placing extra emphasis on science topics. The HESI A2 test also includes sections on learning styles and personality.

    Learners prepare for the exam with a variety of resources, including Mometrix’s HESI A2 Secrets Guide. Learners can also find practice exams for the HESI A2 test through and While the exam fee varies among locations, most schools charge $40-$65.

    Employment Opportunities And Job Placement For Boces Lpn Graduates

    LPN/LVN Practice exam

    Each BOCES LPN program has different rates regarding job placement after students complete the required coursework and pass the NCLEX exam. However, employment rates are generally high and match the overall trend for LPN hiring throughout the country. See what kind of potential salary is available for LPNs.

    For example, the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES LPN program claims an 77 percent graduation rate and a 77 percent job placement rate. The Orange-Ulster BOCES LPN program graduated 40 students in the 2018-19 year for full-time students, and 43 found related employment, 3 found unrelated employment, and 3 continued their education. perhaps opting for an LPN to RN offering.

    If you are concerned about the possibility of finding a job after completing a BOCES LPN program, contact your local BOCES facility and ask for their most recent graduation and employment numbers.

    NY LPN Programs by City

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    Our Upcoming Lpn Classes:

    • Our upcoming LPN classes are Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. 3 p.m., and Fridays are reserved for lab, remediation, and clinical overflow when needed. Clinical times may vary with either day or evening hours.


      Rochester Tech Park in Gates: Currently accepting applications until September 15, 2022. The program starts in January 2023.

      Batavia: The next estimated program start date is August/September 2023.

      Mount Morris: Currently not available.

    • For more information or any questions, please contact the LPN Office585-344-7788 or 585-344-7717

      Our New York State HEGIS Code is 5209.20.

      Follow us on Facebook at GV BOCES School of Nursing!

    Kaplan Nursing School Admission Test

    The Kaplan nursing school exam assesses students’ likelihood for success in LPN or RN programs. The exam does not require any previous nursing education.

    This test has four sections of 91 multiple choice questions. It evaluates test-takers’ writing, reading, math, science, and critical thinking skills. The Kaplan nursing school admission test takes up to 180 minutes to complete and costs $50-$70. Learners usually need at least a 60%-70% on the exam for a passing score. However, each school maintains its own scoring standards.

    Test-takers often choose to brush up on high school-level topics in reading, writing, math, and science. According to Lansing Community College’s nursing program, many students prepare for the Kaplan nursing school exam by using the Kaplan study guide, TEAS prep books, YouTube instructional videos, and SAT prep materials.

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    Links To Practice Exams

    The following websites may be used to review for the Entrance Exams . These sites have no affiliation with and are not maintained by Rockland BOCES. The practice exams are similar to, but do not reflect actual test questions. They are offered as another option for your review.

    Reading Comprehension and Arithmetic

    FREE web-based study app here.

    Several Accuplacer study guides are also available as videos on YouTube.

    Preparing For The Accuplacer Next Generation

    An Accuplacer Next Generation Practice Test Question Review Workbook may be purchased at any bookstore to prepare for the assessment test. FREE downloadable apps are offered by College Board as iPhone, Android or web compatible formats.

    Testing focuses on:

    Next Generation Reading Comprehension
    • Process information
    • Identify the main and secondary ideas in both short and long passages
    • Make inferences
    • Form relationships between two sentences
    • Perform operations with whole numbers and fractions
    • Perform operations with decimals and percent
    • Solve word problems

    Students must register online for testing. Please click here for details.

    Please keep in mind:
    • Space is limited seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Applicants must come at the date and time selected.
    • Applicants may sit for the entrance test once a year.
    • Applicants who do not come on their assigned date and time are not guaranteed another test date.
    • Applicants must arrive on time for testing late arrivals may not be admitted.
    • Test dates may be subject to change.
    • Candidates are allowed to make one date change.

    Test-takers must bring copies of ALL of the following items, which are required for admission to the program:

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