Blue Cross Blue Shield Eye Exam Coverage

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Are Vision Benefits Part Of My Plan

Medicare Advantage vision care

Who is this for?

If youre shopping for a Medicare plan or need to find out if your current plan covers eye care, this information is for you.

Whether you have vision benefits depends on what type of Medicare plan you have.

  • Original Medicare is run by the U.S. government. It does not cover routine eye exams, glasses or contacts. Medicare Part B covers some eye care related to diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as corrective lenses after cataract surgery. Otherwise, you will pay for routine eye exams, glasses and contacts out of your own pocket with Original Medicare.
  • Private health insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage plans that include everything Original Medicare offers, plus extra benefits. They may include eye care. Your vision benefits will depend on what type of Medicare Advantage plan you have.

Save Money On Eye Exams

Enjoy savings when you get an eye exam from a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist at Vision Discount Program locations. Get $5 off the regular fee for eyeglass eye exams. Or get $10 off exams for contact lenses.

Want to use another doctor? You can still save money on frames and lenses. Simply bring your prescriptions to a Vision Discount Program location.

How Much Does Vision Coverage Cost With Blue Cross Blue Shield

The cost of vision coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield will vary depending on location and plan selection.

As an example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina offers two vision plan options. One costs $7.13 per month while the other costs $16.36 per month.1 In California, vision plans are available from Blue California for $6.50 or $12 per month.2

Each of the plan options in North Carolina and California feature their own cost requirements for deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, along with offering varying allowances or discounts for certain products and services.

The cost of a Medicare Advantage plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield will also vary according to location. The table below shows some different plan premiums for Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans with vision coverage in three cities using the plan finder tool.

Medicare Vision Coverage

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Make An Appointment For An Eye Exam

Schedule your annual eye exam covered by your plan as soon as you can. That way, you get an early start on getting the most from your Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan benefits.

With a comprehensive eye exam, an eye doctor will examine your eyes to see if you need glasses or contact lenses. If you already wear glasses or contacts, the doctor will check your vision to see if you need a new prescription. But the benefits of an eye exam extend further than just eyewear or contact lenses.

During the exam, the eye doctor also examines your eyes for signs of certain eye-related medical conditions and diseases. Your eye doctor can detect cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, for example.

An eye doctor may also notice signs of other serious medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure during an eye exam.

Make an appointment for the eye exam covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan right away. Routine eye exams are essential to both your vision and your eye health.

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Children’s Eye Exams Covered By Medicaid

Medical Eye Exam

Medicaid is a federal-state U.S. public health program administered by the states.

In general, Medicaid coverage is available in every state for children in low-income families. Medicaid pays for a number of services for eligible children, including:

  • Preventive care

  • Screening and treatment of health conditions

  • Physician and hospital visits

  • Vision and dental care

Each state has its own eligibility rules and benefits. Contact the Medicaid office in your state for details.

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What Types Of Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Plans Are Available

Blue Cross Blue Shield operates under dozens of different names according to the state or region where the company does business. For example, you might find plans available from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona in the state of Arizona, but plans might be offered by Florida Blue in Florida, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in Maryland and many other names depending on where you live. You may even see names like Anthem, Horizon, Empire, Highmark and more attached to the Blue Cross Blue Shield name.

With all that in mind, the exact vision plans that are available from Blue Cross Blue Shield will vary by state. However, they can generally be broken down as follows:

Upgrade Eyewear With Vision Plan Discounts

Once youre enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan, start using your plans benefits right away. In addition to your vision plans annual eye exam, your plan may offer discounts and special promotions to help you save money.

For example, if you want to get prescription sunglasses, your plan might offer a discount that makes quality sunglasses more affordable.

Perhaps youve had your eye on a pair of expensive frames that were out of your price range. Or maybe you suffer from dry eyes or headaches when staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. If thats the case, your BCBS vision plan may help you buy a pair of computer glasses to ease eye strain.

Basic computer glasses are generally affordable. If you want high-end frames, multifocal lenses or progressive lenses, your vision plan can go a long way toward lowering the cost.

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How Much Does Bluecross Blueshield Cover For Eyeglasses

How much coverage is available for eyeglasses varies by plan. Most BCBS vision plans include an annual or biannual frame allowance, and a copay for standard optical lenses. If you want to upgrade your lenses or add treatments there may be additional copays or out-of-pocket costs. Were happy to check your BCBS vision benefits for you and explain whats covered.

Welcome To Bcbs Fep Vision

Lewiston students receive free eye exams and glasses through school-based clinics

Welcome to BCBS FEP Vision. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationally-known carrier in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program and is proud to offer Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Vision to federal employees, federal retirees, retired uniformed service members and their families, plus families of active duty service members. Our supplemental vision plans provide comprehensive, worldwide vision coverage, including no copays for vision care exams, a generous frame allowance and discounts on popular lens options.

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When Can I Enroll In Vision Coverage Through Blue Cross Blue Shield

Vision coverage can generally be purchased at any time throughout the year. However, some plans may require you to wait until an open enrollment period if they will be added to an existing health insurance plan.

You may only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan during certain times of the year, most notably during your Initial Enrollment Period and the Annual Enrollment Period, also known as the fall Medicare Open Enrollment Period .

Put Your Bcbs Vision Plan Benefits To Work

Getting the most from your vision plan benefits can help you and your family stay in good eye health. Start with routine eye exams, making sure you understand what your plan covers as far as eyewear or contact lenses.

And be sure to take advantage of any frame or lens benefits and allowances, along with other member discounts provided by your Blue Cross Blue Shield vision insurance plan.

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Maximize Your Benefits For Eye Exams Glasses And Contact Lenses

Our goal is to help you maximize your insurance benefits and make the best decisions for your eye health and vision needs. There may be additional discounts available to you depending on the details of your vision program. Let our optical experts guide you towards the best use of your benefits whether you need a comprehensive eye examination or just want to update your look.

Free Eye Exams For Infants


InfantSEE is a national public health program managed by the American Optometric Association . The program is funded through AOA’s charitable organization, Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation.

The InfantSEE program provides a one-time, free eye exam for infants.

InfantSEE provides a free eye exam for infants within the child’s first year of life, regardless of family income or insurance coverage.

The free exam is performed by an AOA member optometrist who donates their time in an effort to ensure that eye and vision care become a part of routine infant wellness care in the United States.

According to Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation, InfantSEE is just the first step to ensuring healthy eyes and clear vision for children. Parents should also schedule routine eye exams for children when their kids reach age 3. Kids should have their eyes examined again before they begin school and every two years thereafter, unless otherwise directed by their eye doctor, AOA says.

The InfantSEE program was developed in partnership with The Vision Care Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company. To learn more about InfantSEE and to find a participating optometrist, visit the InfantSEE website.

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See The Value Of Vision Coverage

For as little as $6.90 per month, you can get vision coverage with one of the largest vision networks in California. Youll enjoy access to private-practice optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as convenient locations like LensCrafters, Target, Walmart, and Costco. You can order contact lenses online and enjoy valuable LASIK discounts through QualSight LASIK and NVISION Laser Eye Centers.

  • Ultimate Vision 15/25/150*: A comprehensive vision plan that features a $150 frame allowance and many lens options
  • Ultimate Vision 15/25/120*: If you are looking to save a little money without sacrificing dependable benefits, this plan may be right for you
  • Specialty DuoSM dental + vision package*: Offers the convenience of vision and dental coverage in a single package

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To continue to the Prime website, click “Accept.” If you want to stay on the Blue Cross website, click “Cancel.”

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How Is Vision Care Covered By Blue Cross Blue Shield

Depending on the BCBS Medicare Advantage plan you have, your plan may include some of the following types of vision coverage:

  • Routine vision exams are often covered in full, with no copayment required, provided that the exam is performed by an in-network eye doctor.
  • Frames are generally offered at a discounted price. Some plans may provide an allowance toward the cost of frames on top of the discounted price.
  • Eyeglass lenses are typically offered for a copayment or coinsurance.
  • Contact lenses may be offered at a discounted rate with or without an added allowance.
  • Sunglasses and non-prescription glasses might be available at a discounted rate.
  • LASIK surgery is often available at a discounted rate.
  • Retinal imaging may be offered at a discount.

Eye Exams Covered By Medicare

Combining Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage with Blue Cross

Medicare does not provide free eye exams or free eyeglasses for all enrollees. But Medicare-eligible people with special conditions do qualify for eye exam coverage.

One in four U.S. women has not had an eye exam in the last two years, says a 2014 Harris Poll survey funded by Prevent Blindness.

People with diabetes can get a dilated eye exam to check for diabetic eye disease, including diabetic retinopathy. Your doctor decides how often you need this exam.

Medicare-eligible people who are at high risk for glaucoma also can have an annual eye exam covered by the program.

For more information, visit the Medicare website.

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Bluecross Blueshield Eyeglasses Coverage

BCBS coverage for prescription eyeglasses includes prescription eyeglasses to be replaced as needed for plan members under 21 years old. Plan members age 21 and older have coverage for one pair of glasses every two years. Additional reimbursement for upgraded eyeglass frames may be available.

This information is found on the BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois website, which may not be complete or up to date.

To learn more about coverage for eyeglasses under your specific plan, including allowances for eyeglass frames and optical lenses, contact us and well do a free coverage check.

Available Plans For Individuals And Families

  • Standard Plan offers comprehensive coverage for exams and glasses or contacts with extra savings every year.
  • EyeWearOnly120 Plan offers coverage for those that just need basic glasses and have a vision prescription already.
  • Premium Plan offers lower co-pay and greater benefits toward glasses or contacts.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Coverage

  • Some Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans over vision coverage and may offer benefits for things such as eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK surgery and more. Find out how to compare plan benefits and the steps needed to enroll.

Vision coverage is among the many benefits that may be offered by some Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans.

As one of the largest insurance carriers in the U.S., Blue Cross Blue Shield makes vision coverage available to members of group or individual insurance plans, as well as to Medicare beneficiaries and federal employees.

You can compare Medicare Advantage plans online for free. Comparing plans allows you to search for a plan that offers the vision coverage youre looking for. You can also call a licensed insurance agent who can help you compare plans and, if youre eligible, enroll in a plan.

Does My State Offer Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Insurance


Not all states offer Blue Cross Blue Shield vision insurance. Its important to note that benefits and prices of BCBS vision insurance plans vary, depending on where you live and the type of plan. Cost and benefits of individual vs. employer-sponsored plans may also differ among plans.

To find out which Blue Cross Blue Shield company provides health insurance in your state, visit the BCBS website. Select the BCBS company for your state to search for information about vision plans and pricing. If your employer offers a Blue Cross Blue Shield vision insurance plan, contact your human resources department to learn more about plan details.

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan, here are 5 ways to get the most from your vision plan benefits.

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Free Eye Exams For Adults

VISION USA is another program funded by Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation. It provides free eye exams to uninsured, low-income workers and their families. For more information about VISION USA, call 1-800-766-4466.

EyeCare America is a public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It provides free eye exams for qualifying seniors.

Eligible individuals receive a comprehensive medical eye exam and up to one year of free care for any disease diagnosed during the initial exam. Eye exams are provided by ophthalmologists who accept Medicare and/or other vision insurance reimbursement as payment in full. Patients without insurance receive care at no charge.

For more information about the program, visit the EyeCare America website.

Lions Clubs International provides financial assistance to individuals for eye care through its local clubs. You can find a local Lions Club by using the “club locator” feature on the organization’s website.

What Kind Of Vision Care Is Covered By Blue Cross Blue Shield

A Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan that includes vision benefits can cover things like annual eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, screenings for various eye conditions, cataract surgery and LASIK eye surgery.

Not every BCBS plan is available in every location, and the benefits offered by plans can vary. Some BCBS plans may not offer vision benefits, so be sure to ask an insurance agent to help you explore all of the plan benefits before you enroll.

Its typical for Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer a couple different plan options to consumers. One plan option may feature a lower monthly premium but with no allowances available for frames or lenses, while another plan option may come with a higher premium but includes allowances for frames, eyeglass lenses and contact lenses.

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We Make It Easy To Understand Your Bcbs Vision Coverage

Even when you find your vision benefit description on the provider website, it can be hard understanding exactly whats covered and what you can expect your out of pocket expenses to look like.

Just call or stop by for a free benefits check. We’ll explain your vision plan details in plain language so you can avoid surprise out of pocket costs.

We also offer eyewear financing options to make it easy to get the vision correction you need right away and pay comfortably over time.

According to their website, BlueCross BlueShield vision plans cover one eye exam per year for each member.

If your vision plan covers a yearly eye exam, make sure to use your benefits even if you think your vision is fine. Comprehensive eye exams do more than test visual acuity theyre an important part of preventive health care.

Based on the information on their website, BCBS of Illinois vision coverage includes medically necessary contact lenses.

Contact lenses are medically necessary if you have a vision prescription that cant be addressed adequately with eyeglasses. Contacts can also be medically necessary for patients diagnosed with certain eye diseases. In all other cases, contacts are considered elective.

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois have their vision benefits administered by EyeMed Vision Care.

Our eye doctors are also EyeMed providers, so no matter which company or plan you have, you’re covered at Eye Boutique.

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