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Make Sure You Fill In The Right Answer

How to Pass The Real Estate Exam in 2021 (Guaranteed)

This may seem simple, but test-takers often accidentally fill in the wrong box to a question. Small mistakes like this can be extremely costly, and by the time you notice the mistake, it could be too late.

To avoid this human error, take your time on each question to make sure you are selecting the answer you want. If you have some time left at the end of the exam, go back and double-check that your answers match up with the question.

Tip #: Get Rest Before The Real Estate Exam

This is the funnest tip! Once you finish your study session, it is extremely important that you decompress.

Time to relax!

Whether itâs going out for a walk to catch some fresh air or snoozing on the couch, taking time to relax will help destress and stay collected.

Too much studying leaves you stressed â you have to let that out!

The most important time to rest is the night before the actual state exams. The last thing you want to do before the night of the exams is to stay up late. Sleep deprivation leads to unfocused attention, foggy memory, and sedated enthusiasm to ace the exam.

Sleep allows your mind to stay sharp and efficient. This will help you to feel refreshed the morning of the real estate exam.

What If I Dont Know The Answer

If you dont know the answer to a question, you can take an educated guess.

In numbers you have no idea how to answer, you can always eliminate the wrong answers. Remember, the test makers made the estate exam a multiple choice.

Eliminating obviously wrong choices increases your odds of getting the answer letter to the exam question.

Sometimes, you really have to work backward until you are left with one or two options. Now, you have at least a 50% chance to get the question right.

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Read The Questions And Answers Thoroughly

While going through the exam, look at the questions and specifically the answers first. Dont react unless you are 100% sure you know an answer. Look for specific keywords and phrases you remember from studying. If you use a real estate practice exam to study, youll notice exactly what I am talking about.

Tip #: Create A Study Schedule

Day of Test Taking Tips For Passing the Real Estate Exam  Welcome to ...

A study schedule will help you take the time to focus on the material.

Studying is all about consistency!

For example, you can schedule to study from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. You can also choose to study on alternate days of the week, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The bottom line is, you have to create a schedule for yourself.

The reason why study schedules are so effective is that itâs a commitment to studying. Studying without a schedule will make you feel lost and it will make studying hard. When something is hard, we tend to procrastinate to avoid doing it.

During study hours, stay focused. Clear your schedule and free yourself from any distractions. If this means switching off your phone or finding a nice quiet place to study, then do that!

You can take it a step further and map out what to study on the exact date or time. For example, for the first two weeks of your schedule, focus on real estate principles. Then the following two weeks, study real estate practice.

Breakdown the material and schedule it out. It doesnât matter when you study, so long as itâs consistent.

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Phone A Real Estate Friend

Two minds are better than one. Find others who are preparing for the same exam and work together. Studying with a group of people working toward a common goal not only helps cover more material but also creates an atmosphere of accountability. Being accountable to others can be very motivating and helpful to your studies.

It also helps to talk to friends who have already passed the exam. They might be able to let you know about areas their exam focused on and what they found challenging. As a bonus, connecting with agents who are already in real estate helps broaden your network and lets your friends know about this new career youre about to embark on.

General Real Estate Exam Information

The length of the real estate exam varies by state, but most fall between 100 and 150 questions. The exam does have a time limit, often between 3.5 and 5 hours. The exam is a computer-based multiple-choice exam.

Some states offer a combined exam and license application. You will still need to pay the fees for both the exam and license, but it does cut down on required paperwork and makes processing smoother. Once you complete this combined application, you will have up to two years during which you have to pass the exam.

Fees range from $37-$130 for the real estate license exam. If you choose to pay for both the license and exam at the same time, you can expect to pay between $215-$400 total.

You will need to show a current, unexpired photo ID at the testing center. Accepted forms of photo identification include a drivers license or DMV ID card, passport, or military ID.

The testing center will provide you with a list of prohibited items when you register for the exam. These things should not be brought into the testing center. If you have to bring them, such as your car keys, you can check them into a provided locker during your exam. Electronics must be powered down and you will not be able to access them, even on break.

If you fail the exam, you will get a more detailed report that includes your percentage in each of the subject areas. This can help you focus your efforts before taking the exam again.

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Prepare For And Take The Exam

Once youve taken your pre-licensing courses, we recommend you double up on your preparation for the State Exam by taking a Prep Course as well.

The prep class will help you dig deeper into different concepts and understand them completely so youre 100% confident when you take the exam. You also get flash cards, practice quizzes and more to help you master the material.

Again, at Affinity, we offer both ONLINE and LIVE prep classes to give you the additional advantage needed to ace these tough exams.

When you go to take your exam, you can only take your Government-issued photo ID with you.

The State exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions with a passing grade of 70%. Youll get your score as soon as you finish the exam.

Pass Your Real Estate License Exam With These Tips

PrepAgent: Best Resource to Pass the Real Estate Exam

Tips & tricks to pass your real estate exam on the first try

  • Pass Your Real Estate License Exam With These Tips
  • Jacqueline Kyo ThomasFreedom Trail Realty School, Inc.

    One hurdle stands between you and world domination as a Massachusetts-licensed real estate agent: The licensing exam.

    Just when you thought you left tests and number 2 pencils in school, you have one more exam.

    Does the idea of taking an exam make your heart race and your palms sweat? Are you worried that you’ll go blank, forget the answers, or worse, not even know the answers?

    You’re not alone. Most of us hate taking tests. And, for some of us, the anxiety can be debilitating. But don’t let anxiety scare you away or tell you that you can’t do this. You can totally do this!

    And we’re here to help. In this post, we’re sharing our top exam preparation tips to minimize your anxiety and maximize your readiness. Let’s get started.

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    Create A Study Schedule And Stick To It

    Rather than looking at all you have to study, try to split it into sections. Doing this can help you organize your notes and achieve more in a shorter amount of time. It also helps to split sections into information youve already mastered, need more review on, and things you might have missed. This allows you to see a bigger picture of what topics you know and topics you dont. With this, youll be able to keep track of what youve accomplished, feel more confident, and want to tackle more.

    How To Study For Your Real Estate License

    The life of a real estate agent is never dull. It isn’t an average desk job. There is something new and exciting almost every day — that’s what makes the job so enjoyable. Furthermore, it’s a lucrative career. Preparing for a unique challenge takes grit and dedication, but getting your license is exciting and an opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

    The exam has challenging questions, so you’ll need to be prepared. That is why this article aims to provide some directions on how to become a real estate agent.

    On average, the pass rate for the real estate exam is 50%. This means half of those who take the exam need to retake the exam at least once. So many students can’t make it the first time because of the lack of proper planning or underestimating the exam. Your approach to the exam and through the entire course has to be well-calculated. Maintaining a study schedule and adequate guidance on the course can be the difference-maker.

    The real estate license course is uncharted territory for first-timers. The lack of a well-coordinated study plan can make this already challenging course even more gruelling. We don’t want that!

    Also, some common mistakes are frequently repeated. We don’t want that either!

    If you want to seize the jackpot on your first go, keep reading this post on things to look out for when studying for a real estate license exam.

    How long to get a real estate license?

    Is the real estate exam hard?

    How To Study For Your Real Estate License Exam?

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    How To Pass The Real Estate Exam And Manage Testing Anxiety:

    What if you have test taking anxiety? Here are a few tips to manage your test anxiety.

    Make sure you are breathing appropriately. If you feel that you are getting stressed out during the exam, do some slow deep breathing while slowly counting to 10. Additionally, you can go to your happy place. Whats a happy place? Close your eyes and think of the most calming place you have ever been. Then go to your happy place for half a minute or so. Doing so make a huge difference in your anxiety.

    You should also remember it is just a test. If you fail, you can always re-take it.

    We have much more to share about how to pass the real estate exam, so check out the links below. Good luck and godspeed!

    Set A Timer To Help You Focus 2021 Illinois AMP Realty Pass Real Estate Exam Prep Study ...

    If you have a hard time getting down to work, setting a timer that gives you periods of intense focus followed by some periods of rest might help you fight through distractions or mental fog.

    One of the most popular time management techniques is called the Pomodoro Method. In this method, you focus for 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break. That entire set is called a Pomodoro. After the fourth Pomodoro, you get a 15-minute break. You can set a Pomodoro timer, or customize your own timer using this online tool.

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    Tip #: Utilize The State Exam Prep

    If youâre a CA Realty Training student or if youâre looking for a quick and effective way to prep for the state exam, then check out our State Exam Prep. The exam prep is designed to make preparing for the state exam simple.

    You also have access to the flashcards for quick terminology drills that will instill vital information. You get a mock state exam that mimics the state exam and uses similar questions and time restraints

    Donât just take the mock state exams once, take them multiple times! Try to get at least 80%. If you can consistently get a score of 80% at least five times, youâre good to go.

    Use Flashcards Or Short Notes

    Notecards are one of the best tools for quick, rapid-fire studying leading up to an exam. If youre getting a ride to the exam or using public transport, quiz yourself on your commute. This will help get your mind in the right gear as you head to the exam.

    If you miss a couple of definitions here and there while reviewing your note cards, dont freak out. Just keep them in a pile and look them over once more before your exam. The goal of the notecards isnt to study, but to get you in a rhythm to take on your real estate exam.

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    Pay Attention To Your Health & Relax

    Taking the real estate broker licensing exam can be a very stressful experience. Take time to check and focus on your mental and emotional health while studying for the exam and in the days leading up to it. Include breaks in your study schedule, make time for activities you enjoy, maintain an exercise routine, spend time outdoors, and get a restful nights sleep.

    Furthermore, you should take steps to relax and plan your exam strategy. To calm your nerves, take a deep breath or a sip of water when you arrive at the exam center or before the test starts. Arriving at the testing center 30 minutes early will also help you to relax and get situated. Then, put your previously developed test-taking strategies into action.

    If youve just started thinking about getting your broker license and need more information before preparing for the exam, read our step-by-step guide on How to Become a Real Estate Broker in 6 Steps.

    Keep A Positive Attitude

    How to Pass the Real Estate Exam (The Best Way)

    Lastly, stay positive. Having a positive attitude can significantly impact your performance when taking the real estate exam.At any time, if you feel like the exam-load is getting to you, take a break for a minute. Drop your pen, close your eyes, take some deep breaths.

    Staying relaxed will allow your mind to think clearly and dig deeper to remember what you learned.Following these real estate exam tips can help you attempt the exam with relative ease and increase your chances of passing with flying colors.

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    Dont Choose An Answer Choice Youve Never Heard Of

    If you put the time in to properly prepare yourself for the real estate license exam, chances are there wont be many questions that youre completely unprepared for. It follows that, chances are, there arent going to be answer choices that are completely foreign to you.

    If youve never heard of answer choice before and have absolutely no context for what it is, chances are this isnt the correct answer and should be eliminated from your options.

    The only time youd want to actually select an answer choice like this is in the event that youve eliminated all the other answer choices as ones you can categorically identify as incorrectthen selecting the only remaining option makes sense.

    Final Thoughts On The Studying For The Real Estate Exam

    Thereâs no magic formula when studying for the real estate exam. The best advice that you can apply is to stick to a consistent schedule that you can follow for at least two months.

    This gives you plenty of time to break the gargantuan task of studying for the real estate exam into bite-sized study blocks.

    As long as you remain determined, you will succeed.

    What studying style works for you the best? Share them with us down in the comments section!

    Every week, we release in-depth videos to help viewers become successful real estate agents on our CA Realty Training YouTube Channel. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, we would love if you could share it with a friend who you think would get something out of it.

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    Ask A Broker For Help

    If youre already committed to a broker for after you pass your test, make sure to tap into that resource for help or advice prior to taking your exam. Your brokerage has a financial stake in you passing your test the sooner you get licensed, the sooner you can start contributing to the company, so they want to see you pass too.

    Most brokers also have the role of trainer and mentor, so asking for help here is a natural extension of their job.

    If youre still deciding on which broker is right for you, check out our article on the Best Real Estate Companies.

    What To Do After Passing The Exam

    Online Salesperson Crash Course

    When your hard work is over and you have passed the real estate exam, your real estate career is ready to start. However, getting a successful career off the ground is sometimes difficult.

    This can be a good time to look for a sponsoring broker. A sponsoring broker is a managing broker who will oversee your work as an inexperienced agent. They bring brand recognition to your business and help you find listings and clients.

    After working as a real estate salesperson for a while with a sponsoring broker, consider continuing education to help you fine-tune your real estate skills. Soon you will be ready to launch an independent real estate career, if you wish, and work as a REALTOR without the oversight of a sponsor.

    The real estate exam is a necessary step in the process of getting your real estate license. Take the time to study well, use exam prep courses to help you, and you will have a good chance at success. If you struggle, remember that you can take the course and the exam again, solidifying what youve learned.

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