Basic Vinyl Synthetic Exam Gloves

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The Suqian Green Glove Co., Ltd., which was firstly constructed in August 2005 and was put into production in August 2006, is a manufactory specializing in producinig PVC gloves. The annual output is one billion PCS. Our products have been sold to more than ten countries and areas, such as America, Japan, Germany, etc. And the market share is becoming bigger and bigger.Technology and equipment of our company are both excellent. We introduce all sets of production equipments from other countries and all …

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Product Description

Vinyl Synthetic Exam Gloves are made of pure virgin PVC plastic using an unique powder less process and 100% latex free. With it you can enjoy all of the fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity of a latex glove without worrying about latex allergies. This gloves can meet or exceed the standard of ASTM 5250.


  • Meets or exceeds ASTM 5250
  • Cleaning Category: Tissues, Plastic & Wraps
  • Package Quantity: 100

Used In Multiple Applications

Basic Medical Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves are optimal for multiple applications, including health care, laboratory work, food service, among many others. The clear color and latex-free, powder-free material ensure that these gloves are able to be used in a wide range of settings without the risk of allergic reactions and safety hazards.

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What Are Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber and do not contain any latex. If you have a latex allergy or expect to touch patients or customers who may be allergic to latex, nitrile gloves offer excellent protection without any discomfort. Nitrile gloves also have increased puncture resistance and are better able to resist a range of chemicals, significantly reducing the risk of chemical injuries or contamination while cleaning or in medical settings, labs, factories, tattoo parlors other locations.

Although latex gloves were the most popular glove type for decades because of their superior comfort and flexibility, improved manufacturing technology has helped nitrile gloves close the gap in those areas. Nitrile gloves are also generally cheaper to produce than latex because theyre made from synthetic rubber rather than natural resources that arent always in plentiful supply.

Why Choose Glove America

Basic Vinyl Synthetic Exam Gloves L 100 ,  ...

Glove America offers high-quality disposable gloves and accessories for the most competitive prices on the market. Our products have been a popular choice among professionals in healthcare, food service, custodial work, and other industries for the past 20 years.

We make it a priority to sell our gloves in bulk at reduced prices to ensure that you have as many gloves on hand as you need at all times. If youre buying gloves from Glove America, its an excellent idea to also buy glove dispensers that can hold the boxes your gloves will be delivered and kept in. Be sure to check out our selection of glove dispensers for our latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves to ensure that you and your team will have convenient access to clean gloves all day long.

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Why Choose Vinyl Exam Gloves

Basic Vinyl Synthetic Exam Gloves provide the convenience of latex gloves without the risk of allergic reactions. On top of that, these gloves don’t use powder, ensuring that they will be safe for a range of environments. Vinyl exam gloves are ideal for multiple applications and meet the California P65 standards of use. With high tactile sensitivity and a smooth inner layer, these gloves are easy to put on and take off and are extremely cost effective.

Sizing Guide

Users can approximate the glove size needed by wrapping a measuring tape around the hand at the widest point. Do not include the thumb. Round the measurement to the nearest inch and choose from the sizes below to find the right size.

  • Small : 7 to 8 inch Length
  • Medium : 8 to 9 Inch Length
  • Large : 9 to 10 Inch Length
  • X-Large 10 to 11 Inch Length
  • Item Numbers: VGPF 3001, VGPF 3002, VGPF 3003, VGPF 3004
  • Application: Exam Glove
  • Fingertip Thickness: 0.11 mm
  • Interior: Polymer Coating

Direct From The Manufacturer

As the direct manufacturer of SureCare® gloves, we are able to keep prices competitive and processing time minimal. Even in these uncertain times, when other suppliers are hindered by shortages, our position as the manufacturer allows us to maintain an inventory that offers a wide variety of glove selections to meet our customers’ protection and safety needs.

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Why Are Glove Dispensers Useful

If youre in a setting that requires frequent use of disposable gloves, you need easy access to a new pair at any given moment, and you need to make sure the rest of the gloves stay clean until theyre used. Glove box holders are the perfect place to keep your gloves until you need them. By storing your gloves in one of our wall-mounted glove dispensers, youll always know exactly where they are.

Glove Holder Options Available At Glove America

Med PRIDE NitriPride Nitrile-Vinyl Blend Exam Glove Review

Our disposable glove box dispensers are available in a variety of sizes and materials. You can choose between glove dispensers made from wire, clear plastic, or stainless steel. Each of these offers different benefits, such as visibility with the wire and clear plastic cases and easy cleaning with the clear plastic and stainless steel glove holders.

You can also choose between a vertical or horizontal glove box holder, depending on how much wall space you have to mount the holder. Lastly, we offer single, double, triple, and quad dispensers, making it possible for you to mount anywhere from one to four separate glove boxes at the same spot on the wall.

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Proper Use Of Gloves In Food Service

In Ontario, the use of gloves for food handling is not required. However, the Food Premises Regulation does have a requirement that food is protected from contamination. Unclean hands frequently contaminate food. Hands must be washed as often as necessary to prevent the contamination of food or food areas. Tongs, spoons, and scoops of corrosion resistant and nontoxic material should be used wherever possible to avoid direct hand contact with food.

Many food premises provide gloves for food handlers to use, but this practice requires training and monitoring to ensure glove use does not contribute to contamination of food or food contact surfaces. Glove use may be appropriate in certain settings where there are task specific jobs, and gloves are changed at appropriate times. The following tips on proper glove use will ensure that gloves do not contaminate food.

It is important to remember that gloves are not a replacement for hand washing.

  • Hands must be thoroughly washed and dried before putting on gloves, when changing to a new pair of gloves, AND after removing gloves.
  • Gloves need to be changed frequently:
  • when changing tasks i.e. moving from raw to ready-to-eat food
  • after cleaning or handling chemicals or cleaners
  • after handling non-food equipment or money
  • after handling garbage
  • after blowing your nose, touching your mouth, hair, or skin
  • anytime they become soiled or torn
  • Gloves are not to be re-used once removed.
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    What Are Latex Gloves

    Extracted from the rubber tree, latex is a natural material with a level of elasticity that makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. It was first used in gloves in the late 1800s and continues to be a leading choice for disposable gloves. Latex gloves offer a significant amount of dexterity, are thin, and have a tight fit, making them feel like a second skin. The wearer retains a high degree of touch sensitivity with latex exam gloves on, which is key for more intricate tasks.

    Thanks to the physical qualities of natural rubber latex, disposable latex gloves are extraordinarily elastic and resistant to tearing. They even protect against dangers like biohazards and pathogens, as well as some chemicals. For these reasons, latex exam gloves are common in medical environments and for custodial work and other cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, they have been known to cause rashes and even more serious issues in people with latex allergiesif youre concerned about an allergic reaction to latex, order vinyl or nitrile gloves instead.

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    Why Glove America

    Glove America has been manufacturing and distributing nitrile gloves to thousands of businesses nationwide for decades. When youre buying our SureCare products, youre buying nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer, which has several advantages. Cutting out the middleman enables us to keep our prices affordable and ship orders quickly. We can also maintain a consistently large inventory, where other suppliers may fall short in times of peak demand.

    Because of our central location in Oklahoma, we can distribute our disposable gloves to all 50 states faster than our competition. Most of our orders ship on the same day and will arrive anywhere in the contiguous United States within four days, reaching Hawaii and Alaska in seven days or less. We also promise the best customer service in the businesswhen you call us with questions, you can bet a natural person will answer.

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