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Amazon Certification Exam Dumps

AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2020 (PASS THE EXAM!)

We ensure that you will find our Amazon Exam dumps helpful and easy to use. We tapped the services of esteemed Amazon Certification experts to help us formulate, evaluate, and improve our Amazon dumps to ensure they suit you best. Our Amazon practice tests offer customizable learning and self-assessment features that truly benefits thousands of takers. The Amazon practice test software simulates real exam scenarios for you to get used to the pressure of the Amazon certification exam. By far, our Amazon exam braindumps are the industries finest. You can download these Amazon practice exams instantly after purchase or buy a simple PDF file for questions and answers.

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What Should You Know Before Studying The Aws Certified Developer Associate

Every exam and certification has different requirements. If this is a serious venture, make sure to read the prerequisites before preceding. Nothing is worse than wasting months studying for an exam you cant take or passing an exam that wont help you get a certification! Our easy search tools are designed to help you find relevant information as well and search for a variety of different exams.

Full Practice Test With Explanations Included

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  • The objective of this Test :

– Get certified in AWS Certified Developer – Associate – Take a general view on AWS Certified Developer – Associate .- Take your career, and salary, to a whole new level with an AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification

-You will experience the question content and question formats that will appear in the Associate exam.

-Gain a detailed understanding of the structure and content areas of associate exams.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam Guide :

  • Total Questions : 65.

  • Approximately 72% marks are required to pass the exam .

  • Time : 130 minutes .

Who this course is for:


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Domain : Development With Aws Services

26. Your application is developed to pick up metrics from several servers and push them off to CloudWatch. At times, the application gets client 429 errors. Which of the following can be done from the programming side to resolve such errors?

A. Use the AWS CLI instead of the SDK to push the metricsB. Ensure that all metrics have a timestamp before sending them acrossC. Use exponential backoff in your requestsD. Enable encryption for the requests

Correct Answer: C


The main reason for such errors is that throttling occurs when many requests are sent via API calls. The best way to mitigate this is to stagger the rate at which you make the API calls.

This is also given in the AWS Documentation.

In addition to simple retries, each AWS SDK implements an exponential backoff algorithm for better flow control. The idea behind exponential backoff is to use progressively longer waits between retries for consecutive error responses. You should implement a maximum delay interval, as well as a maximum number of retries. The maximum delay interval and maximum number of retries are not necessarily fixed values and should be set based on the operation being performed and other local factors, such as network latency.

For more information on API retries, please refer to the below URL:

Best Mock Tests And Practice Question For Aws Developer Associate Certification

Volume 2 Ser.: AWS Certified Developer Associate Complete Guide with ...

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of best practice tests and mock exams you can take online to prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.

I strongly suggest you go through as many mock tests as possible to develop the speed and accuracy required to pass this exam with a high score. As soon as you start hitting 80% on these exams continuously, you can go for a real exam.

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Boost Your Career With Aws Developer Associate Certification

AWS is a very versatile technology. It is active and dynamic by its architecture. Amazon has developed all its facilities from the essential framework to an available database. Also, it has been upgraded together with small changes every other day.

It will sustain and change more to grab the whole IT industry by its architecture shortly. So, if you want to improve with future changing technology, it is the best option to pick.

AWS will transfer more, and as only Amazon is recognizing getting certified by themselves. In the future, more and more IT companies will hire employees who are certified by Amazon only for global certification program.

In this way, AWS Developer Associate Certification not only will boost your career but also give you opportunities to spread your wings and fly.

Aws Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams 2022

  • Post last modified:October 24, 2022
  • Reading time:3 mins read

Preparing for AWS Certified Developer Associate and wants to evaluate your knowledge? So you can test your knowledge with these practice tests. This practice test is a simulation of the real exam for AWS Certified Developer Associate .

This practice test is designed for those who want to pass AWS Certified Developer Associate exam and get certification from Amazon. All questions are included with the proper explanation so that you can better understand and you will be confident for the actual AWS Certified Developer Associate test.

Highly recommended, before participating in the real AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. You should participate in this practice exam so that you can find out your weakness. Remember, you may fail the test exam. But dont panic. After completing the test, please review the question sets and read explanations. The explanations will help you improve your knowledge and you will be confident of passing the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.


Full sets of practice exams Every question set is a simulated exam that reflects of real AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.

Detailed explanation Each question has included details explanations that help you to build your knowledge and confidence

High-quality contents All contents are collected from AWS documentation and other trusted sources that are error-free.

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Aws Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams Course Details

This AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam course is for anyone who is looking for a study material that provides the following:

  • TIMED MODE â mimics the actual AWS Certified Developer Associate exam environment under time pressure
  • REVIEW MODE â where you can view the answer and explanations after every question
  • SECTION-BASED TESTS â where you can focus and answer questions on specific topics/domains only.
  • FINAL TEST â where we randomly generate 65 questions from our entire question bank to help you gauge your readiness for the actual exam
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS, AND CHEAT SHEETS â our answer keys at the end of each set have full and detailed explanations along with complete reference links so you can check and verify that the answers are correct. Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.
  • NEW FEATURE! FLASHCARDS â unique visual tools found at the end of the course which will help reinforce the core concepts needed to pass the exam.
  • COMPREHENSIVE STUDY GUIDE â based on our own exam experience and intense research on the most important topics and most helpful resources to help you pass the exam.
  • â we have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE â so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!
  • Eligibility Requirements For Aws Developer Associate Certification

    AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions [2022] – Domain3: Development

    The AWS Developer, Associate Certification program, is undoubtedly an intermediate course in the scale of AWS Exam hierarchy.

    It is natural and fundamental for you if:

    • You are already in the path of cloud computing and has experience of more than 1-2years.

    • You have depth and knowledge of AWS cloud computing and can design and develop the program by its architecture and also can deploy it.

    • You have knowledge and opinion of one or more programming languages.

    Though these are not requirements for AWS, with proper understanding and development experience, you can regularly opt for any other certification in the parallel hierarchy according to your interest.

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    Overview Of The Aws Developer Associate Certification Exam

    AWS is leading the IT market since 2017. The Certification at a different level from AWS is essential to sustain and support in AWS technology.

    In cloud computing, AWS Developer Associate Certification is required, where this would explain the technical expertise of a candidate opting for AWS-CDA certification exam to develop and manage Amazon cloud computing. The AWS Developer Associate certification exam is similarly more straightforward Certification than any other AWS Certification Exam.

    AWS Developer Associate Certification is a validation program created by Amazon for a varying level of expertise practitioner for understanding the design to develop and deploy the architecture according to its demand.

    • Full name: AWS Developer Associate

    • AWS Exam Code: DVA-C01

    • Passing score: 720/1000

    Aws Certified Developer Associate Exam Practice Tests 2022

    This is another great practice test for people preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Exam in 2022. Created by Ranga Karnam, one of the best-selling Udemy instructors this practice test covers 5 Practice Tests & 300 Exam Questions for AWS Developer Certification Exam AWS Certified Developer Associate.

    These practice tests help to evaluate your preparation for AWS Certified Developer Associate. Identify your weak areas and focus more on them.

    These practice tests are based on the content of our AWS Certified Developer Associate Step and Step and Exam Review AWS Certified Developer Associate courses. However, those courses are NOT pre-requisites for doing this course.

    Here is the link to join this AWS practice test AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Practice Tests 2022

    The best thing about this practice test is that it has very detailed explanations. Every question includes a detailed explanation for all correct and incorrect answers

    Ranga also has AWS exam review courses like EXAM REVIEW AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, which is a short, 6-hour course totally focused on exam preparation and review.

    Its like the crash Course for the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam where you will review everything you need to know for this exam in 6 hours. Its great for experienced AWS developers who want a quick review for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.

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    Get Ready To Prepare Like Youve Never Prepared Before

    As we often say at ExamTopics, work smarter not harder. You are about to see a study guide that took hours of hard collection work, expert preparation, and constant feedback. Thats why we know this exam prep will help you get that high-score on your journey to certification. Our study guides are the real thing. Our study guides are so accurate, we have to fight the droves of clone test prep sites that actually steal our material. Dont worry though, we believe by offering our material free and upholding good values, ExamTopics will always have a strong community and a coveted place in the certification world.

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    Remember that incredible things take time. And just like ancient monuments took years of effort, certification is not easy. It is not always quick either. But it is worth it! Our toolset allows you to engage with an incredible community of expert tech workers and add to the conversation at ExamTopics. If you have questions, dont forget to leave a comment and reach out. Its here that youll get personalized help unheard of on test prep sites, without the outrageous fees.

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    What Do You Get With Premium Access

    12 Months of full access to AWS Certified Developer Associate materials and future updates

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    Print your Certified AWS Certified Developer Associate test prep and take this study session anywhere

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    Aws Certified Developer Associate

    Are you ready to sit your AWS Developer Associate exam? Test your knowledge with these free practice questions. To give you a taste of our popular AWS Certified Developer practice exams, we have compiled these free AWS quiz questions. No sign-up required. Simply click on the AWS sample questions below to reveal the right answers along with explanations and reference links. If youre looking for more free AWS practice questions, sign-up for our free AWS practice test for the AWS Certified Developer Associate.

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    Aws Knowledge And Experience

    • Professional experience using AWS technology.
    • Hands-on experience programming with AWS APIs.
    • Understanding of AWS security best practices.
    • Understanding of automation and AWS deployment tools.
    • Understanding of storage options and their underlying consistency models.
    • Excellent understanding of at least one AWS SDK

    Resources Available For Free

    AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Questions | 30 Q& A Explained in Detail

    I would like to start with and mainly focus on resources available, because in my opinion they are absolutely enough to prepare you well for the exam, especially if combined with practical usage of AWS tools and technologies in your everyday work.

    *AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2020 from FreeCodeCamp and created by Andrew Brown – this is a very comprehensive 16 hours course, in my opinion better than some paid courses. Andrew Brown goes through and covers all the services in detail and at the end of each section there is a cheat sheet/summary available, that I found extremely helpful for the revision just before the exam.

    *Cloud Academy webinars – this is a free webinar, hosted monthly by Cloud Academy instructors and it goes through each domain and exam questions. Some of the past webinars are available on Cloud Academy YouTube channel, so you can access them without having to sign up, but I definitely recommend attending live webinar, as you do get a chance to ask questions. This is a great resource to go through before you sit the exam, it highlights what are the things you should look out for, what do you need to focus on in your revision and what resources are useful to look at.

    *AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Guide– this documents covers all you need to know about the preparation for your exam, discussing scope of the exam, content, exam domains, technology and tools that might be covered in the exam and services that are out of scope for the exam.

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    Months Free Amazon Aws

    ExamsSpy as previously stated, strives to make things as simple as possible for all DVA-001 – AWS Certified Developer Associate 2018 candidates who whish to clear the AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate DVA-001 – AWS Certified Developer Associate 2018 exam. So, in order to keep current, ExamsSpy offers free AWS Certified Developer course updates for a period of three months to anyone who has acquired their Amazon AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate exam questions. This aids in passing the AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate DVA-001 – AWS Certified Developer Associate 2018 exam and upgrades are provided entirely free of charge for the 1st three months.

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    Try Online Amazon Aws

    Although an amazon AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate exam questions pdf file with all answers can help you understand and pass the AWS Certified Developer exam, The online Amazon AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate practice test engine can help you improve your skills and boost your confidence levels. This will aid in completing both learnings and practicing DVA-001 – AWS Certified Developer Associate 2018 AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate quiz all at the very same time.

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