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Summary: The Best Ap Us History Review Guide Of 2022

2021 Live Review 5 | AP U.S. History | Period 6 (1865 1898)

Weve covered a lot in this review guide for the 2022 AP® US History exam. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Study every period, but know Periods 3-8 cold, since they are worth the most!
  • Free Response questions are 60% of your grade, so make sure you take plenty of time to practice them.
  • Use every resource at your disposal, from sample practice questions to timed essays to flashcards. There are plenty of sites online with helpful material. Check them out!
  • Study with your friends! They can help you, and you can help them!
  • Brush up on cause, effect, continuity, and change. These essential skills help you understand the connections between historical events. This is crucial for answering multiple-choice and free-response questions!
  • Dont forget to practice cross-chronological events! These will show up in the multiple-choice AND free-response questions!

We hope youve found this AP® US History review guide helpful. If so, please click the button below to share it on Twitter, or e-mail this link to your friends!

How Is Ap Us History Scored Whats The Weighting Of Different Questions

40 minutes 15%

The multiple choice section of the AP® US History exam requires answering 55 questions in 55 minutes. The questions are typically grouped in subject sets of three to four. The questions require you to analyze historical texts and evidence using primary and secondary sources. All sources maps and graphs needed to answer the question are included.

The AP® US History short answer section consists of three questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. This section actually consists of four total questions the first two are required and you can choose to answer either question 3 or question 4, for a total of three answered questions.

The first two questions cover the years 1754 to 1980. The optional questions cover 1491 to 1877, and 1865-2001 respectively.

The single document-based question on the AP® US History exam allows a 15 minute reading period and then allows for an additional 45 minutes to answer the question.

You must read 7 documents from a variety of historical perspectives. Based on your assessment of these documents you must present and defend an argument that is supported by the provided documents. This question can cover any topic from the time period 1754-1980.

The exam weighting breakdown for AP® US History is as follows:

Unit 9: Period 9: 1980-Present 4-6%

Will I Get Ap Credit For The 2022 Apush Exam

Students who take the 2022 APUSH exam will be eligible for college credit.

As in previous years, a student must obtain a score of 3, 4, or 5 to be eligible for college credit.

For tips on getting a perfect AP score, check out this interview with Dawn Mueller, an educational consultant with Tutor Doctor.

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What Topics Are Covered On The Ap Us History Exam

You likely already know that AP® US Historycovers the historical time period from 1491 to the present, a span of hundreds of years!

The course is divided into 9 total units broken down as illustrated by the chart below. Units 1, 2, and 9 each make up only 4-6% of the exam, while Units 3-8 each make up 10-17% of the exam. While you should certainly study all units, be sure to pay special attention to Units 3 8 especially since the DBQs, worth 25% of your score, will focus on these units!


*Events, processes, and developments are not constrained by the given dates and may begin before, or continue after, the approximate dates assigned to each unit.

Read Excerpts Carefully And Look For Direct Evidence

AP World History: Modern 2020 and 2021 Study Guide: AP World History ...

The multiple-choice section on AP US History is based on excerpts from historical source materials, or stimuli, so it tests both analytical skills and factual recall. You’ll have to read the source material carefully to find the correct answer.

In many cases, several answer choices are historically accurate, but only one will be directly supported by the evidence in the excerpt or illustration. Look for direct connections, and don’t make too many assumptions based on your prior knowledge.

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Recap: Using Ap Us History Practice Tests To Ace The Exam

The AP US History practice tests in this article should serve as useful resources for you as you prep for the AP exam and any in-class assessments. Remember that official College Board questions are the highest quality practice materials, so use them wisely. We recommend trying to save most of the official practice resources for when you’re closer to the actual APUSH test. You can use unofficial materials throughout the school year to brush up on specific topics in the course.

To recap, here are our four top study tips for AP US History:

  • Read excerpts carefully and look for direct evidence in the source
  • Practice planning out and outlining your essays for free-response questions
  • Get comfortable with the Document-Based Question
  • Use background information without overusing it

With these tips in mind, you can take full advantage of the practice materials, become a master of US History, and show the AP test who’s boss!

Is Ap Us History Worth It

The AP® US History exam is worth taking for a variety of important reasons. First, AP® courses help to build essential skills needed for college, such as time management and study skills. AP® courses also help to build an academic confidence level for students going on to college.

Second, taking AP® courses lets colleges know that you are taking your academics seriously and that you are familiar with and prepared for the rigors of college-level courses. According to College Board research, students who receive a score of 3 or higher on AP® Exams typically experience greater academic success in college and have higher graduation rates than their non-AP® peers.

Perhaps the most important benefit of taking the AP® US History exam is the potential for college credit, which can translate into thousands of dollars in savings on your college tuition. By completing college credits in high school, you can avoid the need for additional semesters beyond four years and, in some cases, even graduate early.

Earning college credit can translate into significant savings on college tuition. The list below of several top colleges outlines the savings realized when using AP® US History for college credit.


The chart clearly outlines that there are significant savings to be gained by taking and passing the AP® exams. Add to this the educational benefits and it is clear that taking the AP® US History exam is worth your time and effort.

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What Is The Apush Exam Format For 2021

While both the 2021 APUSH paper exam and the digital exam are 3 hours, 15 minutes long, the format is different.

The paper exam consists of the typical multiple-choice and free-response sections. In the first section, you will have 55 minutes to answer 55 multiple-choice questions and 40 minutes to answer 3 short answer questions. The first two short answer questions are required, but you can choose between two prompts to answer the third question. In the second section, you will have 60 minutes to answer 1 document-based question and 40 minutes to answer 1 long essay question.

The chart below shows the breakdown of the paper exam components.

40 minutes 15%

For free examples of free-response questions, check here for the actual questions posed in the 2019 APUSH exam and here for those posed in the 2018 APUSH exam.

You can also practice multiple-choice and free-response questions within the digital exam app starting early April.

Don’t Confuse Accurate Facts For Correct Answers

2021 Live Review 7 | AP U.S. History | Period 7-B (1929 1945)

Many multiple-choice questions will list answers that are accurate representations of historical events or trends but that don’t directly respond to the question being asked. Be wary of these answers on the test so you don’t accidentally choose them over more relevant responses.

In the multiple-choice question I gave above as an example, one incorrect choice was “The growth in the internal slave trade.” At the time referenced in the question, this was a real trend that occurred, but because it doesn’t relate directly to the passage given, it’s still the wrong answer.

Don’t let these types of answer choices confuse you adhere to the particulars of the question and the evidence presented to you!

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Ap Exam Score Distributions

Curious About the College Board’s Finances? View a summary of the last 13 years of finances. Data was obtained from the College Board’s 990s . It turns out, they are a very profitable“Not For Profit”.

Total Registration has compiled the following scores from Tweets that the College Board’s head of AP*, Trevor Packer, has been making during June. These are preliminary breakdowns that may change slightly as late exams are scored.

as we Tweet every time this page is updated. Please let others know about these AP Exam Score Distributions

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AP Score Distributions

This table is sortable by clicking on the header – Clicking on an Exam Name will show a comparison of the score distributions for all years compiled

Is The College Board Offering Any Free Apush Exam Review Courses

The College Board is offering free AP resources to students.

The College Boards AP YouTube channel gives students access to APLive classes and recordings delivered by AP teachers from across the country. Additionally, to help students review course content and skills before their exam, the College Board will give students access to AP Daily: Live Review sessions from April 19 to 29. You can sign up for the live review sessions here.

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Section 2 Part B: Long Essay

The final part of the AP US History test is the Long Essay, for which you must choose one of three possible prompts and write an essay on the topic. You’ll have 40 minutes to write your response, which will count for 15% of your overall AP score.

To earn full credit here, you must develop a clear and logical argument and support it with relevant historical evidence .

Each of the three essay prompts revolves around a different time period in US history:

  • Essay Prompt 1: 1491-1800

Section 2 Part A: Document

AP European History 2020 and 2021: AP European History Review Book and ...

The Document-Based Question, or DBQ, is worth 25% of your final score and requires you to write an essay based on a prompt that’s accompanied by seven historical documents. You’ll get a 15-minute reading period followed by 45 minutes to write your response.

The DBQ will focus on a historical development in the years 1754-1980.

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Section 1 Part A: Multiple Choice

The first section on the test is the multiple-choice section, which is worth 40% of your score and lasts for 55 minutes. You’ll get 55 questions, each with four possible answer choices this means that you’ll have about a minute per question on this part of the exam.

Most US History multiple-choice questions come in sets of three to four questions that require you to respond to certain stimuli, or sources, such as historical texts, graphs, and maps.

Unofficial Ap Us History Practice Tests And Questions

The following AP US History tests are not directly from the College Board, but they will still help you become familiar with the material. This section includes links to both full unofficial practice tests and small-scale, topic-specific quizzes. The short quizzes may be useful in the early stages of your studying when you want to target certain eras or avoid questions on material your class hasn’t covered yet.

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What Is The Apush Exam Format For 2022

The 2022 APUSH exam will consist of two sections. The first section is worth 60 percent of the exam, and the second section is worth 40 percent of the exam.

In the first section, you will have 55 minutes to answer 55 multiple-choice questions and 40 minutes to answer 3 short answer questions. The first two short answer questions are required, but you can choose between two prompts to answer the third question.

In the second section, you will have 1 hour to answer 1 document-based question and 40 minutes to answer 1 long essay question.

The chart below shows the breakdown of the exam components.


Ap Us History Free Response Questions 2015

The 2021 DIGITAL AP Exams: Everything You NEED to Know (AP World, APUSH, AP Euro)

Free-response questions for AP US History have undergone some minor changes in recent years, but these sample questions will still closely resemble the format of the free-response section of the test that you’re taking. You’ll also find scoring guidelines here and some sample student responses.

I encourage you to save the most up-to-date questions for later on in the study process so that you can get a better idea of what your scores will look like on the real AP test.

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The Ultimate Guide To The Ap Us History Exam

The AP US History exam involves critical reading, writing, and in-depth analysis. It’s not just about memorizing names and dates, but rather interpreting historical evidence quickly and accurately, recalling outside information on a topic, and synthesizing your ideas into a coherent argument.

In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of the format and structure of the AP US History test along with a brief content outline, sample questions, and some tips for a great score.

Ap Us History Course And Exam Descriptions

Official AP US History Course and Exam Descriptions offer plenty of multiple-choice questions and free-response questionsjust not in the format of a full-length test. You can get some great practice with these materials, especially if you’re looking to zero in on specific weaknesses.

Here are the APUSH Exam Descriptions that are currently available online:

  • Course and Exam Description: Updated for current AP exam format. Contains 17 multiple-choice questions, one short-answer question, one DBQ, and one Long Essay prompt.

There is also this document with sample questions from the 2012 AP US History curriculum framework. With this, you’ll get 11 multiple-choice questions, three short-answer questions, one DBQ, and two Long Essay prompts.

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What Does Ap Us History Cover

AP U.S. History spans from approximately 1491 to the present. The course begins with Native American societies and the Europeans’ exploration of the New World. The material then covers the European colonies in North America, the Revolutionary War, the early years of the Republic, and the Civil War, before eventually moving into the 20th century.

APUSH also emphasizes critical thinking skills, with students learning how to evaluate primary source documentation and how to consider events within their historical contexts.

Additionally, learners exercise their argumentation skills by making historically defensible claims with the appropriate evidence.

Here are the major time periods covered in AP U.S. History:

  • Period 1: 1491-1607
  • Period 9: 1980-present

Albert Ap Us History Practice Quizzes

College Test Preparation: Princeton Review AP World History: Modern ...

Albert maintains a series of free, high-quality practice quizzes on every topic covered by the AP US History curriculum . Some resources other fee, other require a paid membership. As you take them, the site will display stats that detail how you’re faring on questions of each difficulty level. This should help you figure out the areas in which your memory is shakier.

This site has chapter-by-chapter practice quizzes organized around an old edition of The American Pageant textbook. Questions are multiple choice and true/false. Again, this is more helpful for factual recall than for analysis questions.

This test has just 40 questions, but the website also includes a list of frequently asked AP US History multiple-choice questions that will prepare you better for the exam.

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Plan Before You Write

It’s critical to write well-organized, focused essays on the AP US History test. A clear thesis is the first thing on the agenda. You then need to make sure that the rest of your essay ties back into your thesis and provides relevant evidence throughout. If you jump into writing an essay without taking the time to organize your thoughts, you’re more likely to ramble or get off-topic from the main focus of the question.

For the DBQ, you should spend 15 of the 60 minutes planning how to organize your thoughts and how to use the different documents as evidence. While you will have less time for the Long Essay, you should still spend five minutes or so writing a brief outline before starting your final draft.

Section 1 Part B: Short Answer

Part B of Section 1 on the US History test requires you to answer three short-answer questions in 40 minutes, giving you about 13 minutes per question. It’s worth 20% of your overall score.

The first two questions are required, but you get to choose between question 3 and question 4for your third short answer. Here’s what you can expect with each question:

Short-Answer Question

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