Ap Chemistry Practice Exam Multiple Choice

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AP® Chemistry Multiple Choice Practice Problems

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Official Ap Chemistry Practice Exams

Official exams are the best practice materials because they help you make accurate predictions of your performance on the real test. They will also get you used to the test format so that you’re not caught off guard by the structure of the final exam.

Unfortunately, for AP Chemistry, most of the available official practice materials are for the old version of the test , but these can still be useful for practice. You should be able to get newer practice tests from your teacher or through review books.

I’d recommend starting with the unofficial practice materials listed later on in this article and then using official tests in the final stages of your studying. That way you’ll be in the best position to estimate your ultimate AP score, and you won’t squander limited resources.

These official exams come from before 2013 , so they’re formatted slightly differently from the current test. They have 75 multiple-choice questions and six free-response questions . There are also five answer choices for each multiple-choice question, whereas now there are only four.

The old AP Chemistry exam emphasized calculations and factual knowledge over a strong understanding of fundamental concepts and mastery of scientific practices. The questions on these tests will still help you practice your skills just make sure you also use more recent materials for an accurate preview of what to expect on test day.

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Varsity Tutors Diagnostic Tests

There are six diagnostic tests here with 50-60 questions each at varying difficulty levels. You’ll also be timed as you take the tests so you can get a better sense of your pacing. Questions are multiple-choice only, so this won’t give you any free-response practice. There are also tons of practice quizzes divided by topic, so you can use those to tackle tricky subject areas. We’d also recommend trying out their AP Chemistry practice app .

Looking for help studying for your AP exam?

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How To Use An Ap Chemistry Practice Exam


The best AP chem practice tests are ones that provide you with diverse questions that cover all the units and give answers for you to check your responses.

With detailed answer explanations, you are able to learn and grow each time you take a practice test. You will not only learn the right answers to the questions and why they are right, but you will learn which areas and units you may need to brush up on.

This plus our other study methods should help you feel more prepared to take the exam. Check out the next section to see other steps you can take to prepare for the AP chemistry exam.

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About Ap Chemistry Questions

Now that you know what topics will be covered in class and on the exam, we can begin explaining the AP chemistry questions

There are a total of sixty-seven questions on the AP chemistry exam. First, you will be asked to answer sixty multiple-choice questions in ninety minutes. That means you have more than a minute per question, so you have plenty of time to complete calculations.

In addition, there are seven free-response questions that you are given one hour and forty-five minutes to answer. There will be three long-answer questions and four short-answer questions. You have more than enough time to formulate well-thought-out and supported answers to the seven questions.

Both of the sections account for half of your score, which means both portions have to be taken seriously if you want to pass the exam. You should spend half your time studying for the multiple-choice questions and half of your time for the free-response questions.

To properly be able to study for each section, you need to know exactly what topics appear where. Here is the best breakdown of the two portions of the AP chemistry exam:

  • Transformations

As you can see, those four main ideas of the course a quite important as they appear on both portions of the exam. Since there are seven parts to the four main ideas, you can expect one to be covered per the seven free-response AP chemistry questions.

Ap Chemistry Practice Test 2022

The sample exam questions that follow illustrate the relationship between the course framework and the AP Chemistry Exam and serve as examples of the types of questions that appear on the exam. After the sample questions is a table that shows which skill, learning objective, and unit each question relates to. The table also provides the answers to the multiple-choice questions.

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Ap Chemistry Practice Test

First things first, you need to know what to look for in a good AP chem practice test. There should be a diverse set of questions for you to answer, an answer key, and detailed explanations for the answers for a practice test to help you best. See some of the ones we found below.

Name of Test
Numerous free-response

Unofficial Free Ap Chemistry Practice Exams

2021 Live Review 1 | AP Chemistry | Strategies for Multiple-Choice Questions Without a Calculator

There are also a bunch of unofficial resources for AP Chemistry practice questions on various online learning platforms and independent sites. Few of these offer complete tests in the same format as the real exam, but they do provide a large repository of practice questions . These are great if you’re looking for questions in specific topic areas or are studying early on in the year and want to avoid certain concepts that you haven’t learned in class yet.

Just be wary of using these resources too much in your studying, and make sure you supplement them with official College Board materials at regular intervals. Unofficial practice questions often lack many of the nuances of real test questions. In a lot of cases, they will test straightforward factual recall whereas on the real test you’ll have to do more complex analyses of unfamiliar experimental scenarios.

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Transcription: Ap Practice Exam: Multiple Choice Part I

Hello, and welcome back to, and welcome back to AP Chemistry.0000

Today, we are going to begin actually going through an AP exam completely.0004

We are going to start with the multiple-choice section.0010

Before I launch into answering the questions on the multiple-choice section, I want to talk to you, just briefly, about it.0012

Now, you are going to have about 90 minutes to do 75 multiple-choice questions you are going to get 1 point for every one that you get right, and you are going to be subtracted a quarter point for the ones that you miss.0020

Now, you should know that you could actually get a raw score of about 50 so you could literally skip one-third of the multiple choice questions, and still end up with a 5.0033

You can answer about 35 or 40 only of the multiple choice questions and still end up with a 4 so don’t think like you have to answer absolutely every single one.0048

If you are not exactly sure about one, move on: chances are that your score will still be sufficiently high to keep you in the 4-5 range.0058

Having said that, let’s just go ahead and get started.0067

We are going to be going through the 1999 AP practice exam so hopefully, you have it in front of you I have it in front of me here.0071

We are just going to run through it OK.0079

#1: The energy required to convert a ground-state atom in the gas phase to a gaseous positive ion: so, this one is the ionization energy, so this one is C.0102

That is it #1 is C.0141

#6 is A.0375

Every Ap Chemistry Practice Test Available: Free And Official

What’s the best way to study for AP Chemistry? Practice, practice, practice. This article will provide you with links to every practice test and quiz for AP Chemistry that’s available online, including full official and unofficial tests, shorter quizzes that cover each topic area, and other prep services you can access with a subscription!

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Practice Tests From Your Teacher

Is AP Chemistry Hard? 5 Key Factors Considered

Since there aren’t any full AP Chemistry practice tests available online that reflect the current format of the exam , you can also ask your teacher for additional practice materials. AP teachers often have access to extra practice tests from the College Board that are available for classroom use.

Oh, you need more practice tests? Maybe you should have thought of that before you interrupted all of my lectures with unnecessary questions about when I’m planning on “breaking bad.” I don’t even watch that show, Eric. You are a nightmare.

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How To Use Ap Chemistry Practice Tests

Practice tests are great study tools for AP tests, and they’re especially helpful for a subject like Chemistry that involves a lot of calculations and experimental analysis. In the next couple of subsections, we’ll tell you how to use practice tests throughout the school year to prepare for the AP Chemistry exam.

Second Semester: Preparing For The Ap Test

During your second semester, you can start to take full practice tests to predict your AP score-range. At this point, you’ve learned most of the material that will be covered in the class, so your scores should accurately reflect your abilities. Every time you take a full practice test, keep track of the areas where you need more practice.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we would recommend saving the most up-to-date official practice materials for later in the semester so that the format of the current test stays fresh in your mind. As you take each test, circle any questions where you were unsure about your answer. Even if your choice ends up being correct, you should still plan to go over these concepts, so you don’t feel shaky about them on the real AP test.

After you’ve finished taking the test , categorize your mistakes by topic area, and use their distribution to inform the rest of your studying. The purpose of taking practice tests is to diagnose your weaknesses so you can address them as efficiently as possible. DON’T go from one test to the next without taking a deeper look at what went wrong! You’ll end up wasting your time, and your second practice test is unlikely to demonstrate much improvement.

The process as a whole should work like this:

  • Take and score first practice test
  • Evaluate mistakes
  • Practice problems and study content to improve weak areas
  • Take and score second practice test
  • Reevaluate your progress and repeat steps if necessary!

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Ap Chemistry Practice Test And Study Guide :

AP Chemistry Practice Test and Study Guide 2022 : Download printable question answers in PDF. Prepare your College Boards Advanced Placement® Program with our free quiz practice test.

Advanced Placement examinations are exams offered in the United States by the College Board and are taken each May by students. The tests are the culmination of year-long Advanced Placement courses. AP exams have a multiple-choice section and a free-response section.

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2022 Live Review 2 | AP Chemistry | Kinetics Multiple-Choice and Free-Response Questions

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Ap Chemistry Practice Multiple Choice Test

They have 75 multiple-choice questions there are now 60 and six free-response questions there are now seven. There are also five answer choices for each multiple-choice question, whereas now there are only four. The old AP Chemistry exam emphasized

  • AP Psychology Practice Exams

    AP teachers have access to extra practice tests from the College Board that are available for classroom use. Oh, you need more practice tests? Maybe you should have thought of that before you interrupted all of my lectures with unnecessary questions about when Im planning on breaking bad. You are a nightmare. Unofficial Free AP Chemistry Practice Exams There are also a bunch of unofficial resources for AP Chemistry practice questions on various online learning platforms and independent sites.

  • Free AP English Language Diagnostic Tests

    This quiz includes 58 free AP Chemistry practice multiple-choice questions. ChemmyBear Theres a lot of stuff here, but if youre just looking for practice tests, you can find them at the end of the list of resources for each unit. There are multiple-choice and free-response tests for most units with accompanying answer keys.

  • How Do I Prepare For Ap Chem Exam

    With proper preparation for the AP chemistry exam, you will feel much less anxious when starting the exam. There are three main ways to prepare for the exam.

    The first way is to create or find flashcards to familiarize yourself with the topics that will appear on the exam. Whether they are digitalon a site like Quizletor made with a pen and index cards, be sure to carry them with you to study in all your free moments.

    Another great option is by taking AP chemistry test practice. You will be able to make yourself familiar with the AP chemistry questions. By doing so, you will know what questions are asking to save yourself time and understand the breakdown of topics better.

    Many of the practice tests are also made of questions that appeared on previous tests. When you see AP chem past FRQs, you can also understand what is expected when you formulate responses to both the long- and short-answer questions.

    Finally, your teacher may provide you with an end-of-year review or study guide that you and your peers can use to develop flashcards or review before the day of the test. These three methods should help you feel prepared and relaxed before taking the AP chem exam.

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