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Alabama Sample Practice Real Estate Exam Questions And Answers

Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

Are you ready to test yourself with a free Alabama real estate salesperson practice exam? If so, you can click the Start button now. To review all questions and answers, select the List button. Please know that closing your browser will clear your answers. Good luck on the Alabama real estate sample test!

Real Estate Exam Prep For Alabama Salesperson

Whats Included

  • Progress Exams. Ten practice exams to check your knowledge.
  • Final Exams. Two national and three state final exams to prepare you for your licensing exam. You can view a breakdown of your results by the topics you will encounter on the state licensing exam.
  • Custom Exams. Create your own exams based on topics where you want more help.
  • Digital Flashcards. Create decks of flashcards to review key terms and definitions by topic.
  • Pass or Dont Pay Guarantee. If you achieve a score of at least 80% on all your Progress Exams and Final Exams and sit for your licensing exam within 30 days of completing the exams, you’ll get your money back if you don’t pass your licensing exam on the first try.*

How Many Times Can You Fail And Retake The Alabama Real Estate Exam

You can retake the exam an unlimited number of times. The caveat is that you must complete all attempts within six months of finishing the pre-licensing course.

If that time elapses and youve only racked up failing scores, youll have to repeat all 60 hours of those classes. Then you can try to pass the exam again.

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Pass The Course Final Exam

After completing your 60-hour course, you must pass a course final exam. In Alabama, you must pass with at least a 70%. You are required to take this exam in the presence of a proctor.

Students are required to take the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam within six months of passing the course final exam.

When Applying For An Alabama Broker License Under What Circumstances Can A Salesperson Continue To Perform Real Estate Activities

Alabama Real Estate License Test
  • If the broker license will be issued to a new company
  • If the broker license will be issued to the same company as the salesperson license
  • If the new company for which the salesperson will work gives permission in writing
  • If the qualifying broker agrees to wait until the new license is received to return the old one
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    What Should I Bring With Me For The Exam

    • 2 Forms of identification
    • A government-issued current ID that includes your name, signature, and photograph like a drivers license with photograph, state identification card with photograph, passport, or military identification card with photograph
    • A secondary form of identification that displays your name and signature for signature verification, like a credit card with signature, social security card with signature or employment/student ID card with signature
    • If your name on your registration is different than it appears on your identification, you must bring proof of your name change
  • Silent, non-programmable calculator without alpha keys or printing capabilities
  • What Do I Get With The Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

    • Instant access to all practice tests and prep materials
    • A full money-back pass guarantee
    • 90 days worth of access to our network
    • The best customer service
    Study and Improve on Your Weak Areas
    Pass Your Exam!

    With our handy study guides and practice tests, you will be in the best position to pass the Alabama real estate salesperson exam on your first try. This is a knowledge-based test. That means that the answers are not necessarily intuitive. Proper preparation is the key to success. Our Alabama real estate prep guide will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant material, so you know exactly what to expect when test day comes. Whether you are cramming for the Alabama real estate salesperson with a few days to go, or you have a full three months to devote to studying, our system will help you get a passing score.

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    How Many Questions Are On The Alabama Real Estate Exam

    The salesperson exam for incoming Alabama real estate agents has 140 multiple-choice questions used to calculate your test score. Heres how they are divvied up:

    • Forty questions relate particularly to Alabama real estate law.
    • The other 100 questions cover concepts that are uniform across states.

    Even though the exam has national and state questions, its not divided into two separate parts. Instead, the questions are mixed randomly in a single-section test.

    PSI may mix in an additional 10 questions, five state-specific and five national. They sometimes pretest items for future versions of the exam. Unlike the others, these questions are not scored.

    You wont be able to identify the pretest questions. Just be aware that you may see more than 140 items when taking the real estate exam. Regardless, you have 3.5 hours to finish the test.

    The Lowest Enrollment Fee And Highest Value

    Alabama Real Estate Exam 2020 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)

    Similar real estate exam preparation courses charge anywhere from $49 to $200. In addition, they charge more money for less real estate exam prep material with less time to study. Don’t make the mistake of paying too much!

    Our enrollment fee is only $39 and provides more than our competitors! The course includes 6 full months of access to well over 3,500 questions with answer explanations, 750+ flashcards, 60 exam prep videos, 60 exam prep audios, explainer videos, exam secrets, full vocabulary glossary, and much more.

    The course also includes our pass guarantee. Simply put, you will pass the exam on your first try or your money back. This is top notch real estate exam prep at the lowest price anywhere. Don’t delay your success! Invest in your future now by clicking the button below.

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    When It Comes To Contracts For Sale Or Lease In Alabama Which Of The Following Statements Is True

  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to have a personal interest in contracts for sale or lease.
  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to negotiate the price on contracts for lease, but not for sale.
  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to receive a commission for contracts for sale or lease.
  • Its illegal for real estate licensees to interfere with contracts for sale or lease.
  • start your free assessment »

    For a more comprehensive view into the types of questions you can expect on the exam, sign up for our free assessment. Youll have the chance to review a 99-question real estate practice exam at no cost to you. Note that answers are only provided upon purchasing Exam Prep.

    If youre ready to feel confident about your upcoming licensing exam, you can purchase our Alabama real estate Exam Prep package. By purchasing one of our packages, you not only get to see the results from your free assessment, but youll also have access to an innovative Exam Prep Edge program that will put you in the best position to pass your test the first time around.

    How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Alabama

    The Alabama Real Estate Commission requires students to successfully complete at least 60-hour pre-licensure education courses. Once you have satisfied the coursework requirements, you can sit for the Alabama real estate agent exam. With our study guides and practice tests, we guarantee that you will pass the Alabama real estate test on your first attempt.

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    Do You Have To Pay To Retake The Alabama Real Estate Exam

    Yes, you must pay to take the exam again. Note that Alabama does not offer a reduced retake fee. Consequently, youll pay $79 each time you register for the test.

    The Alabama salesperson exam is challenging. But with proper preparation, youll be well on track to earn your license and get your new career underway.

    Obtaining that license doesnt only focus on acing the exam, though. Make sure you dont miss any items on the list when completing all the requirements for getting an Alabama real estate license.

    This includes undergoing a background check before you are allowed to apply for a license. Read our article on getting an Alabama real estate license with violations to know how the process goes.

    Before you get approved for a license, you need to choose a broker to work for. You can pick one from our database of top-rated real estate brokerages in Alabama.

    Use the proven tips in our guide for new agents to plan your next steps after passing the real estate exam. Having a strategic plan can help you achieve your goals.

    Also, consider the pros and cons of joining a real estate team versus making a go of it as an independent agent.

    You can also add to your arsenal of resources our article on the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. It takes a look at the experiences of industry experts on the field.

    To help you build and grow your real estate career quickly, we at Real Estate Bees created a directory for real estate professionals.

    Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

    Alabama Real Estate License Training

    The Alabama Real Estate License Professor is Alabama’s number one provider of high quality real estate knowledge designed to help you pass your Alabama real estate exam the first time. Your success and satisfaction is ensured through our PASS OR DONT PAY, 100% Guarantee. Explanations and feedback given by the Alabama Real Estate License Professor is provided by experienced instructors who have taught real estate classes and courses for years in Alabama. Many students have already aced their Alabama real estate exam by preparing with the Alabama License Professor. Shouldn’t you?

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    How To Pass The Alabama Real Estate Exam

    In order to get your real estate license in the state of Alabama, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements, complete the required 60 hours of pre-license education, and jump probably the most difficult hurdle: passing the Alabama real estate exam.

    Very few people like taking tests for any reason. But when its one you need to pass in order to start a new career, it feels particularly critical, especially considering youve already put dozens of hours into working toward your license.

    Were here to help. Not only do we offer an Alabama real estate exam prep course that can boost your chances of passing by 11%, but we also have tips and tricks. Heres what you need to know to get a passing score on your test.

    Pass Your Real Estate Exam Guaranteed

    We are so confident in the quality of our real estate exam prep program that we offer the industry leading satisfaction and pass guarantee. We call it our “100% Delighted Pass Guarantee.” Simply put, if you don’t like our course or you fail the actual exam, you will get your money back…no questions asked!

    Our course is set up to allow you the most convenient and inexpensive way to study for the real estate exam. Everything is structured so that you don’t need to do extra work. Simply study and pass.

    Our pass rate is off the charts but if for some reason you are unhappy with our course or do not pass your real estate exam on the first try, just ask for a refund up to 1 full year after signing up. Our customer service associates will issue a refund to you within 24 hours. No questions or documents needed.

    Simply set up your profile now and try our course today risk free.

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    The State Requires You To Take The Nys Real Estate Exam Questions Administered By The Department Of State

    I passed my State Real Estate Exam and the final Exam in the same week. I scored a 97.33% on the Real Estate U final exam and passed the State exam.

    I want to say that your course was amazing and made me extremely well prepared to take both exams. All the instructors were top notch, engaging, and very knowledgeable. The extra $49.00 I spent for the state exam preparation study guide lessons was worth every penny.I was able to go through the lessons at my leisure from various locations . That beats sitting in a stuffy classroom.Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent.

    Aaron Hargrove – Real Estate Agent in New York –

    To start my journey as a real estate agent I chose RealEstateU as my real estate school. I liked that the course provided quizzes at the end of each chapter.

    Fharhan Rahman – Real Estate Agent in New York –

    What Score Do I Need To Pass

    How to Pass Your Real Estate Exam with Alabama Specific Points

    The Alabama real estate licensing exam has national questions and state-specific questions. All exams require a “scaled” score of 70 to pass. You can view pages 11-12 of the Candidate Handbook for more information on exam scoring.

    For salespersons:The state portion consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and the national portion consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, mixed together into a single exam.

    For brokers:The state portion consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and the national portion consists of 10 simulation questions. The state and national portions are presented separately. You can read page 8 of the Candidate Handbook for more information on simulation questions.

    There can be 5-10 “Pre-Test” questions in each category. These questions are being tested by Amp/PSI and don’t count against a passing grade. Pre-test questions are not identified on the exam, so examinees must answer every question on the exam.

    You will receive your score immediately after you complete your exam.

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    Take Practice Exams Beforehand

    Again, knowing what youre heading into can help you keep nerves at bay and do your best on the day of your exam. Fortunately, you can take practice exams to make sure youre comfortable with the exam format and the types of questions that will be asked.

    In fact, our exam prep course includes unlimited practice tests precisely for this reason. Weve seen how people do better when theyve had the chance to get comfortable with the exam format. As they say, practice makes perfect.

    Try not to stress too much about your Alabama real estate exam. If you dont pass on the first try, you can take it again.

    Ultimately, as you get comfortable with the exams content and format, you can help yourself get the best score possible on the day of your test.

    What Score Do You Need To Pass The Alabama Real Estate Exam

    To pass the exam, you must earn a score of 70. Thats a scaled score, not a raw score. Whats the difference?

    A raw score represents the number of questions on the exam that you get right. Scaled scores are raw scores that are statistically adjusted and converted onto a common scale.

    That accounts for variations between different versions of the real estate exam difficulty-wise. So, theres a consistent passing standard no matter which questions make up your exam form.

    This equating process helps ensure fairness to all candidates taking the exam as the scaled score and the level of knowledge required to pass the test dont change.

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    Find A Sponsoring Broker To Work Under

    A licensee needs to be sponsored by an active Alabama broker with a supervising broker endorsement. This person will serve as your mentor as you start your new career in real estate.

    Here are some questions to consider during your search for a sponsoring broker:

  • What is their overall reputation?
  • Are they advanced in their specialty?
  • Are they up to date with the latest rules and regulations?
  • To what extent do they support their agents?
  • What kind of commission structure do they offer? Are there benefits?
  • What quality of leads and marketing material do they offer their agents?
  • Is there potential to grow within the brokerage?
  • Featured Product For Alabama Real Estate Agent License Courses

    How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Alabama

    This premium package will fully prepare you to successfully pass your licensing exam with the most effective licensing education and exam practice available. Included in this package are the following online courses: Alabama 60-Hour Real Estate Principles, National Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank, Alabama Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank.

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    Pass The Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam

    After completing all the Alabama course materials and passing the course final exam, you must pass the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam.

    There are two portions of the exam: state and national. You will have 60 minutes to complete the state portion and 150 minutes to complete the national portion. The state exam has 40 questions, and the national exam has 100 questions.

    All exams require a “scaled” score of 70% to pass.

    Once you feel confident enough to take your final exam, apply to take the Alabama Real Estate license exam. To register for an exam, use PSI’s online portal.

    How Long Do You Have To Wait To Retake The Alabama Real Estate Exam

    PSI instructs candidates to report to the test center supervisor to get their real estate exam results. That score report shows whether the outcome is a pass or fail.

    So, youll immediately know if you need to retest. But, you cant contact PSI on exam day to make a retake appointment. Instead, you must wait a day before scheduling online or by phone.

    You may not have to wait long for a test slot. According to the Candidate Handbook, you might be able to make a reservation as soon as the next day or two, if theres a seat available.

    As for timing, consider whether to wait until youve done an additional review of the content on which you tested poorly. Youll get info on your performance weaknesses on your score report.

    Apart from knowing when to retake the exam, make sure you know how much time you need to allot when completing the whole licensing process.

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