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What Should I Bring With Me For The Exam

Alabama Real Estate Exam 2020 (60 Questions with Explained Answers)
  • 2 Forms of identification
  • A government-issued current ID that includes your name, signature, and photograph like a drivers license with photograph, state identification card with photograph, passport, or military identification card with photograph
  • A secondary form of identification that displays your name and signature for signature verification, like a credit card with signature, social security card with signature or employment/student ID card with signature
  • If your name on your registration is different than it appears on your identification, you must bring proof of your name change
  • Silent, non-programmable calculator without alpha keys or printing capabilities
  • Brokerage Responsibility And Agency Management

    The section of the Real Estate License Exam makes up approximately 17% of the whole exam and covers knowledge of real estate trends and developments, fair practice laws, math calculations, and real estate forms. It also includes items specific to running a real estate agency, such as agency creation and closure, and commissions and fees.

    Alabama Real Estate Agent Exam

    Need of a License: A real estate salesperson must be licensed by the state of Alabama to represent clients in the sale or purchase of real estate that is located in Alabama.

    Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Alabama Real Estate Commission .

    Qualifications to receive a License: A candidate must complete an AREC-approved 60 clock-hour pre-licensure course from an AREC-approved real estate school , pass a school-administered final exam, and pass a state exam. Candidates must pass the state exam within 12 months of completing the pre-licensure course. All candidates must submit a full set of fingerprints, prove legal presence, prove graduation from high school , and pass a background check. All candidates must be at least 19 years of age. For more information about qualifications, see Become a Licensed Real Estate Professional.

    Applying for the Exams: Applicants to take the exam must complete and pass the 60 clock-hour pre-licensure course before they are permitted to register for the state exam. Candidates should apply to take the state exam through the Applied Measurement Professionals website scheduling page. For more information, see the Alabama Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook.

    The national test consists of 100 questions and tests the candidate’s knowledge of general real estate concepts, including the following subject areas:

    Agency Relationships and Contracts

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    Always Answer The Questions You Know First

    If you dont know the answer to a question, skip it and move on. But make sure you come back to it later. Heres why:

    Lets say you have 10 minutes left on your timed test and 10 questions left to answer. The second of your 10 remaining questions is a particularly tough one, and you spend seven minutes trying to figure out the answer. Now, with only three minutes left, youre forced to quickly answer the remaining eight questions, some of which you may guess at to avoid leaving blanks.

    Wouldnt it be a shame if the last eight questions on the test were easy onesguaranteed points for youbut you provide random answers because you dont have time to consider them carefully?

    By skipping through the questions you dont know the answers to and focusing first on the questions you know the answers to, youre giving yourself time to answer the questions youre most likely to get right.

    Who Is The Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep Course For

    Pin on Legal Forms

    Many students pass the Alabama real estate salesperson pre-licensing course but discover they forgot essential information at state real estate exam time. This course is right for you if you are asking:

    • Am I ready for my real estate exam?
    • What exam content do I need to focus on?
    • What national real estate topics do I need to know?
    • What state real estate topics do I need to know?
    • Is everything covered in the course on the exam?
    • Will there be math?

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    What Is On The Real Estate Exam

    It depends on your state. Every state requires its own portion of real estate exam questions based on state laws and regulations. In addition to your state’s specific portion of the exam, you will also be tested on national real estate topics and real estate math.

    To learn more about what to expect on your state’s real estate exam and the real estate license requirements, find your state in our Real Estate Exam Info.

    Free Real Estate Practice Exams

    Dave Evangelisti

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    Use our free Real Estate practice exams to pass the Real Estate License Exam – an assessment taken by candidates who wish to become a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

    Real Estate Agents work to advise home buyers and sellers on market conditions, real estate prices, mortgages, and how to best present their homes in order to sell at the best price.

    See our free sample tests for the latest actual real estate exam questions and answers.

    Summary: Take a free real estate practice exam below and see how you do.

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    Other Free Real Estate Exam Resources

    There are many online resources available for those looking to prepare for the real estate exam. Many of these resources can be found absolutely free online, such as:

    Review these 90 terms to prepare for your real estate exam. Quizlet
    Review this in-depth study guide for your real estate exam. Master Real Estate
    Review 85+ flashcards on various real estate terms. Study Stack
    Review 650+ real estate terms from the glossary of a real estate text book. Study Stack

    Get Instant Access To The Top Real Estate Prep Study Guide

    Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

    Are you ready to get started now? There is no reason to wait. Sign up to receive our comprehensive real estate salesperson or real estate broker exam prep guide today. All you have to do is pick your state and you will be on your way to passing the real estate salesperson/broker exam in no time.

    Why choose us? We have organized the real estate prep material in the most efficient and effective manner. You get instant access to all the materials you will need and you are protected by our money back guarantee. You will pass your exam, or you will get your money back no questions asked.

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    Always Anticipate The Answer Before Looking At The Choices

    Complicated wording may cause you to get tripped up on the real estate licensing exam. You may misinterpret an answer choice. Deceptive language is arguably fair game on tests like these. Therefore, double-negatives, unrelated conclusions, or red herrings are commonly used .

    You can combat this multiple-choice test feature by predicting what you think the answer will be before reviewing the answers. By doing so, you are giving yourself a gut-checked answer you can compare against the answer choices, rather than trying to find one answer that simply sounds better than the others. If an answer choice isnt anything close to what you predicted, its probably incorrect. If one lines up well with what you had in mind, chances are youve got the right one.

    Free Real Estate Practice Exam + 7 Hacks To Help You Ace Your Real Estate Exam

    Chris Linsell

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  • Bringing It All Together
  • As a senior instructor at a major test preparation company, I learned all the secrets critical to performing well on the most challenging standardized tests in the U.S.strategies you can use to boost your score on your states real estate licensing exam.

    If multiple-choice exams taken under time constraints give you sweaty palms, give rise to nervous glances at the clock, and evoke the strangely satisfying feel and flavor of a No. 2 yellow pencil gripped between your teethwere here to help. We want to be a part of your exam-day success.

    In this article, youll find a free real estate practice exam, recommendations for taking your exam prep to the next level, and seven secret hacks you can use to level up your exam-taking strategy.

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    Free Real Estate Exam Resources

    Below we have aggregated a list of free study resources in hopes that you can pass your practice real estate exam on your first try . If you know of a free resource that we can add to this list, please e-mail us and let us know.

  • Nelnet Solutions provides a free 300 page real estate practice PDF that can be accessed here. We have reviewed the material and found it to be slightly better than average content that will help you study for your real estate exam.

  • Quizlet is a flashcard website that has many real estate practice exam questions that are 100% free. This link is one of our favorites and we can vouch for the material.

  • has a small guide which they call a cheat sheet. It is basically some terminology that you will 100% see on the real estate exam.

  • Pearson Vue Practice Exam This one is not free on the link I am providing but if you search the internet you can find it. For legal purposes, I can not provide a link. We really think this content is fantastic.

  • PSI Real Estate Practice Exam Once again, this one is not free but if you know how to search google you can find it really easy.

  • has a free practice test with 41 questions that you can use to practice as well. We dont like the exam material in this one as much but it can still be fantastic review and practice for your real estate test.

    The Real Estate License Exam Is Pass/fail No Extra Credit For A Perfect Score

    Real Estate License Reciprocity Guide

    If youre an overachiever like me, the allure of a perfect score on a test is hard to ignore. You may be tempted to try to crush it. Resist the urge! In the case of the real estate licensing exam, you simply have to.

    Why? From a test strategy standpoint, your goal is to correctly answer the number of questions that will get you a passing score. You need a grade of 70% to pass the exam and get your license. On a 100-question test, your strategy is to answer 70 questions correctly. My advice is to skip questions liberally.

    Answering 90 questions correctly wont earn you anything extra. Expend all your best energy to reach the passing thresholdanything beyond that doesnt matter when it comes to your real estate licensing exam .

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    When It Comes To Contracts For Sale Or Lease In Alabama Which Of The Following Statements Is True

  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to have a personal interest in contracts for sale or lease.
  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to negotiate the price on contracts for lease, but not for sale.
  • Its illegal for real estate brokers to receive a commission for contracts for sale or lease.
  • Its illegal for real estate licensees to interfere with contracts for sale or lease.
  • start your free assessment »

    For a more comprehensive view into the types of questions you can expect on the exam, sign up for our free assessment. Youll have the chance to review a 99-question real estate practice exam at no cost to you. Note that answers are only provided upon purchasing Exam Prep.

    If youre ready to feel confident about your upcoming licensing exam, you can purchase our Alabama real estate Exam Prep package. By purchasing one of our packages, you not only get to see the results from your free assessment, but youll also have access to an innovative Exam Prep Edge program that will put you in the best position to pass your test the first time around.

    Take Our Free Real Estate Practice Exam

    Real estate practice exams are essential tools to prepare you for your state licensing exam. We designed a real estate practice exam with 30 questions covering all the major topics youll encounter on your state licensure exam.

    Whether youre getting your real estate license in California, Florida, New York, or anywhere in between, getting some practice questions under your belt is a great way to ensure youre ready on exam day. Well give you immediate feedback along with your results and compare your performance to others whove also taken our real estate practice exam.

    Your states real estate exam will allow you a basic function calculator, so make sure you have one handy before taking our free real estate practice exam.

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    Real Estate Exam Content Description

    As previously mentioned, there is no single national real estate exam or program of study to become a Real Estate Agent. In order to qualify to take your states real estate licensing exam, you will first have to complete a state-specific prelicensing education program. The specific course curriculum and number of hours required is determined by the real estate commission in your home state.

    Once you have qualified to take the exam, you will then prepare for and take a state-administered real estate licensing exam. For most candidates, this exam will include a national portion as well as a state-specific portion. For both portions of the exam, you will be asked to show knowledge and proficiency in real estate policies, practices, terminology, responsibilities, and expectations.

    In general, you should expect your real estate licensing exam to be around 100-150 multiple choice questions this includes about 60-80 state-specific questions, and about 80-100 questions related to generally universal real estate concepts. You will have between 2-4 hours to complete your exam. You should expect questions involving any or all of the following content areas:

    • Real Property Characteristics
    • Real Property Environmental Issues

    Make sure to check your states specific real estate exam requirements to know exactly what you should expect.

    How Hard Is It To Pass The Real Estate Exam

    Alabama Real Estate Exam – 2022 ? (70 Questions with Explained Answers)

    To obtain a real estate license, you must meet all of the requirements set forth by your state. This includes taking and passing the appropriate real estate exam. These tests are demanding: You may see questions pertaining to the responsibilities of real estate professionals, certain national state and regulations, real estate finance, and real estate ethics, and you may even some moderately complex math problems.

    Simply put, this is a test that you need to study for. If you are going to put your time and money into taking the real estate exam, you need to do it the right way. By using the best real estate exam prep guide, you can be confident that you will have access to the all of the study materials that you need to pass this test. Do not wait: get started now with a free trial.

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    Eliminate Wrong Answers Before Moving On From A Tough Question

    If you have a particularly challenging question that youll need to circle back to, be sure to eliminate any of the answer choices you know to be incorrect. Doing so gives you two advantages.

    First, youll capitalize on your gut reaction. More often than not, your first instinct points you in the right direction. Listening to your inner voice will eliminate an answer or two, making your final answer a little easier later on.

    Second, thinking critically and eliminating answer choices you know dont make sense may help you to answer subsequent questions more effectively. Related questions are not uncommon on the real estate license exam, and some use the same purchase or sale scenario.

    Easy User Friendly Interface

    Quizzes, videos, audio, flashcards, vocabulary glossary, real estate exam hints and secrets, and more presented in an easy to use interface to promote learning and not frustration. Simply the best real estate exam prep course you will ever need.

    Our “Immersion Technology“ simulates actual real estate exam environments to offer you the most realistic testing experience. You will pass the real estate exam with ease and you won’t have to pay the outrageous prices that similar exam preparation courses demand.

    How do we do this? Simple! The real estate exam prep material in the enrolled area is the highest quality, continually updated, and yet the lowest price online. Each exam question and answer is written by real estate professionals and cross examined and edited for accuracy. The design of the course has been created by experts in education, in a way to promote learning, and to simulate the actual exam environment of the real estate exam. We have done the hard work for you and make it easy…all you need to do is take our course and pass the state exam.

    And remember, in addition to all this, there is zero risk because we guarantee you will pass or your money back. Watch our 5 minute preview video of the “enrolled only area“ for a small glimpse of what is inside:

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    Why Choose Mbition By The Ce Shop For Your Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

    Mbition by The CE Shops top priority is our students success. We take each learning experience to the next level by delivering engaging, online, educational content. The Exam Prep courses we provide have been perfected by real estate agents who have taken the Alabama exam. Our Alabama real estate Exam Prep courses are always accessible and convenient making Mbition by The CE Shop your premier Alabama real estate school!

    • We have some of the highest Alabama pass rates in the industry, and unlike many of our competitors we publish these results.

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    • You can reduce test anxiety and build confidence knowing youre prepared. Our Exam Prep technology tells you the topics that you should focus on ahead of time, giving you the knowledge you need to study effectively.

    Sign up today for our real estate Exam Prep designed to help you pass your real estate exam on the first try. Weve helped countless aspiring real estate professionals pass their real estate exam with higher test results and less stress.

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